Oracle Expands its Cloud Services, Releases Database Backup And Storage Cloud

Oracle has announced the availability of two new Oracle Cloud services, Oracle Database Backup and Oracle Storage Cloud. The new enterprise-grade services will enable organizations to utilize hybrid cloud solutions and deliver the flexibility to easily move critical applications and data from on-premises to cloud hosting environments and vice-versa.

oracle-databasePart of the Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) portfolio, Oracle Database Backup would provide a simple, scalable, and low-cost Oracle Database cloud backup solution, and can be an integral part of multi-tier database backup and recovery strategies.

Tightly integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Database Backup enables customers to utilize the familiar RMAN commands for seamlessly and securely performing backup and recovery operations between on-premises Oracle Databases and the Oracle Cloud. Customers can parallelize and compress backup data transfers to help maximize performance. The solution includes client-side encryption to provide end-to-end data security.

The Oracle Storage Cloud service

Part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) portfolio, Oracle Storage Cloud would provide a secure and scalable object storage solution that enables organizations to effortlessly store, access, and manage data in the cloud. Oracle Storage Cloud is API compatible with OpenStack Swift and provides access to data through REST and Java APIs.

As Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members have long been part of Oracle’s success delivering its database and storage solutions to customers, partners may now participate in their customer’s adoption of Oracle Cloud services. From referral to the delivery of value-added services, Oracle enables its partners to profit from these new Oracle Cloud services.