Oracle Opens Cloud Region in Mexico

Oracle Cloud

Oracle has announced the opening of its first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region in Mexico. By doing so, Oracle claims to be the first major cloud provider to establish a dedicated cloud region in the country. Clients, partners, and developers of Oracle based in Mexico will have access to a variety of cloud services with built-in security, and disaster recovery, thanks to the new cloud region in the state of Querétaro.

“We are excited to establish a cloud region in Mexico that will offer public and private organizations, as well as partners and developers, the opportunity to leverage OCI to grow their businesses,” said Maribel Dos Santos, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Mexico. “The Oracle Cloud Querétaro cloud region offers organizations a wide range of services, including access to emerging technologies, to help improve the customer experience and positively impact the country’s ecosystem of innovation.”

The new Querétaro cloud region will provide OCI and Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps services to assist enterprises in Mexico in modernizing their operations, managing vital data, and creating multi-cloud architectures and cloud-native applications. It is Oracle’s 39th global cloud region globally.

OCI FastConnect

Photo Maribel Dos Santos, SVP and GM, Oracle Mexico
“The Oracle Cloud Querétaro cloud region offers organizations a wide range of services,” said Maribel Dos Santos, SVP and GM, Oracle Mexico.

With its physical and virtual network design, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s architecture would offer a high-performing, durable basis for cloud services. It would also maximizes performance and security. For example, each Oracle Cloud region has at least three fault domains, which are logical data centers formed by groups of hardware for high availability and resilience to network and hardware failures.

Oracle has pledged to supplying all Oracle Cloud regions, including the new Querétaro cloud region, with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025 as part of its continuous commitment to sustainability.

Clients in Mexico and Central America will have access to a variety of network partners through the Oracle Cloud Querétaro cloud region, enabling a direct and private connection through OCI FastConnect. Customers have dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud regions, OCI, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications services thanks to OCI’s large network of more than 70 regional and international FastConnect partners, offering them the finest options worldwide.

OCI FastConnect would offer a quick, flexible, and economical option to set up a dedicated private network connection that performs better than connections based on the open Internet in terms of bandwidth, latency, and smoothness. Equinix, Transtelco, Telmex, Arelion, and C3ntro are some of the partners that are now accessible for the Oracle Cloud Querétaro region.

“With changing business requirements, businesses need a new level of speed, reliability, and security for their cloud workloads,” said Amet Novillo, General Manager at Equinix Mexico. “The availability of FastConnect within the Equinix Mexico data centers supports this need for our customers with high performance, low latency access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our primary goal is to help more customers move workloads to Oracle Cloud using FastConnect and the Equinix Fabric interconnection platform worldwide.”