Oracle Unveils New Exadata Database Machine X4

oracle-exadata-database-machineOracle’s fifth-generation flagship database machine, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4, introduces new hardware and software to accelerate performance and increase capacity, and improve efficiency for database deployments.

The new release of Oracle’s Database Machine focuses on Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Database as a Service (DBaaS), and Data Warehousing and is also designed to help enterprises simplify their biggest database challenges. The new release would include performance increases between 50 and 100 percent and storage capacity increases between 33 and 100 percent.

Oracle would also have ensured end-to-end quality of service in complex and varying Database as a Service deployments or database consolidation deployments, from database servers through network adapters and network switches to storage. This would make Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4 a good foundation for modern database cloud hosting and cloud services environments.

The Oracle Exadata performance improvements would include:

  • 77 percent to 100 percent increase in Database I/Os per second.
  • Up to 2.66 million read IOPs per full rack.
  • Up to 1.96 million write IOPs to flash.
  • 50 percent increase in database compute performance on X4-2 systems using two 12-core Intel Xeon Processors E5-2697 v2.
  • Close to 100 percent increase in InfiniBand network throughput.
  • The addition of Network Resource Management to ensure ultra-low response times for latency critical database operations.

The Oracle Exadata capacity improvements would include:

  • 100 percent increase in physical PCI Flash capacity to 44 TB per full rack.
  • Up to another 100 percent increase in logical flash cache capacity to 88 TB per full rack.
  • The addition of Exadata Flash Cache Compression that transparently compresses database data into flash with zero performance overhead at millions of I/Os per second.
  • 100 percent increase in maximum memory capacity on X4-2 to 4 TB per full rack using memory expansion kits enables greater consolidation.
  • 100 percent increase in high performance disk storage capacity to over 200 TB per full rack.
  • 33 percent increase in high capacity disk storage capacity to 672 TB per full rack.