Orange Expands Its Telco Cloud footprint with Equinix Bare Metal As-a-Service

Orange Business Services Data Center Egypt

Orange is partnering with Equinix to increase its Orange Telco Cloud footprint by utilizing Equinix Metal, their Bare Metal as a Service offering, to hasten the rollout of Orange’s New Generation International Network. With the help of the new go-to-market model, Orange would be able to provide commercial and wholesale clients on-demand Telco Cloud Points of Presence (PoPs), which serve services like SD-WAN, CDN, 5G roaming, and voice services with an anticipated latency of less than 10 milliseconds.

By the end of the year, Orange and Equinix expect three bare metal locations to be operational, namely in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Madrid, Spain; and Seattle, US.

Orange can swiftly fulfill customer demand for expansion by integrating with Equinix’s automated dedicated Bare Metal as a Service situated close to its current networks at Equinix, deploying in weeks from inception (instead of months).

“This partnership between Orange and Equinix is a smart move enabling Orange to enhance its existing platform and its ability to facilitate reliable, agile digital capabilities for its customers – all while being able to more quickly meet customer demand by using Equinix Metal,” said Courtney Munroe, Vice President for Telecommunications Research at IDC. “IDC research shows that enterprises look to Telcos and digital infrastructure providers as key partners for hybrid IT infrastructure and cloud networking requirements. Furthermore, the enhanced Telco Cloud Platform will improve Orange’s operational efficiency, and flexibility, and most importantly will allow it to offer enhanced low latency performance and on-demand requirements for enterprises around the world.”

SDN and VNF Capabilities

By utilizing Equinix Metal, Orange would accelerate the delivery of its “next-generation” services without the upfront CAPEX costs or logistical challenges associated with international supply chains, while maintaining complete control over IT infrastructure and digital transformation initiatives.

“We are delighted to partner with Equinix to deploy Orange Telco Cloud PoPs technology on top of Equinix Metal,” said Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Executive Vice President, International Networks at Orange. “By embracing an ‘as a service’ infrastructure model and focusing investment in our SDN and VNF capabilities, Orange can provide a fully flexible and elastic solution to customers, speed up the deployment of our planned 100 Telco Cloud PoPs, and quickly adapt capacity to meet demand. This confirms Orange’s position as a trusted infrastructure partner, optimizing application performance with secured and consistent connectivity, regardless of end user location, and supporting cloud management and transformation.”

100+ SDN PoPs by 2024

Orange offers clients end-to-end optimized levels of performance, security, and flexibility with its Telco Cloud Platform. As part of its eNGINe (New Generation International Network) transformation initiative, Orange now has 40 SDN PoPs globally and aims to achieve 100+ ‘Telco Cloud PoPs’ by 2024, thanks to its innovation in virtualized network services and software-defined networks (SDNs).

Each Telco Cloud PoP may link clients to key content and cloud service providers and host virtualized network service functionalities including phone, 5G, CDN, SD-WAN, or security services. With the help of Orange’s Telco Cloud PoP architecture, clients can access and manage cloud-based applications with “reliable, quick connectivity” while also selecting from a wider selection of services that can be used on-demand.

“We have a rich 20-year history of collaboration with Orange and are pleased to see them accelerate innovation for their customers by becoming the first provider to combine their extensive global network footprint at Equinix with the new possibilities provided by our investments in automated digital infrastructure capabilities,” said Zachary Smith, Global Head of Edge Infrastructure Services at Equinix. “We’re excited to see them expand this offering into additional markets in 2023.”