Orlando, Florida-based Atlantic.Net Announces Windows Server Container Support in the Cloud

Cloud hosting provider Atlantic.Net, a global web hosting provider with over 23 years of experience based in Orlando, Florida, has announced support for Windows Server Containers. This enables Windows users to package applications into images that can be run on any Windows 2016 server. Users can now deploy and scale their Windows Server Containers across Atlantic.Net’s cloud servers.

Atlantic.Net is one of the first companies to offer Windows container support, specifically for Docker, a full development platform for creating containerized apps.

Atlantic.Net’s container support would eliminate the “it works on my machine” problem once and for all. Windows Server 2016, the latest Windows Server offering from Microsoft, along with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008, are all available on Cloud Servers from Atlantic.Net.

windows-azure-cloud-hosting“This is a major announcement that will definitely cause a ripple effect across the industry – specifically amongst developers,” said Marty Puranik, CEO of Atlantic.Net. “Most developers today move their applications and development environments around tirelessly. They need a cloud that is easy to use, ‘on-demand’ or self-service (i.e. they can provision the actual servers themselves). Developers can go to a traditional hosting provider, sign a contract and theoretically move the environments between servers they contracted for. Instead, with our offering, developers can now do this without having to sign a contract or talking to anyone. Essentially, we’re significantly expediting the process for developers to reap the benefits of containers without any long-term commitment whatsoever.”

Atlantic.Net Cloud Server clients can test the new tools offered by the Windows 2016 operating system and pay via a usage model on a per-hour basis, without having to incur additional licensing costs.

Erin Chapple, General Manager for Windows Server, Microsoft said, “Atlantic.Net’s support for Windows Server Containers in their cloud platform brings additional choice and options for our joint customers in search of flexible and innovative cloud services.”

Atlantic.Net is specializing in Windows, Linux and FreeBSD server hosting. The company provides “developer-friendly” cloud hosting solutions “with a focus on simplifying the experience for users.” Additionally, Atlantic.Net offers fully managed environments and security and compliance focused solutions across all its hosting facilities in San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto, Dallas and Orlando.

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