Otava Expands Its Hybrid Cloud Hosting Portfolio with Managed Azure Cloud

Global supplier of unique and compliant hybrid cloud solutions, Otava, has released its Managed Azure Cloud service, which allows organizations to benefit from a fully managed Azure cloud environment. Clients may focus on their core strengths while Otava’s fully managed solution helps them navigate the complexity of Azure and public cloud architecture.

This year, Azure has 33.1 percent of the global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hyperscaler market share, according to Statistica. Otava Managed Azure Cloud, when paired with Structure Research’s projections that the managed public cloud market would reach $11.8 billion in 2026, with a five-year annual growth rate of 29.2 percent, represents a major growth opportunity for the company.

“As edge computing and cloud become higher priorities, small and medium-sized businesses need to find a way to succeed in the digital landscape,” said Brad Cheedle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Otava. “Otava Managed Azure Cloud is a critical addition to our broad portfolio of secure and compliant hybrid cloud and security services. I’m very proud of our extremely talented team for bringing to market a complimentary fully managed, high-value Azure Cloud solution. We are excited to support our customers and partners seeking higher levels of agility, efficiency, and security with Azure Cloud while freeing their own IT staff to achieve greater performance in the areas where they are needed most.”

Hybrid Cloud Services

Photo  Brad Cheedle, CEO at Otava
“Otava Managed Azure Cloud is a critical addition to our broad portfolio of secure and compliant hybrid cloud and security services,” said Brad Cheedle, CEO at Otava.

With Otava’s Managed Azure Cloud, organizations may benefit from cloud computing while having the administration and maintenance handled by cloud specialists. With workload transfer, cloud environment configuration, built-in governance, security solutions, data protection, and monitoring with analysis, the service would ensure ongoing improvement. Clients can accomplish cost control, regulatory compliance, expedited app delivery, scalability, and company agility with Otava’s vast knowledge in cloud security, compliance, and cost conservation

Otava offers its compliant hybrid cloud services globally with offices all over the world. Its portfolio is designed to give businesses navigating the cloud native world a clear route to hybridity. With a variety of administration and infrastructure levels to fit particular demands, Otava claims its cloud platform to provide simplicity, transparency, and flexibility. Backup, security, and disaster recovery (DR) services are completely integrated into each cloud solution and may connect to public cloud or on-premises system.