In 2019, the editorial reach has further expanded across the world. We hope you were able to expand your business reach in 2019 as well, or at least that you managed to strengthen your company brand and market position. For the year ahead, we wish you even more success but also good health for your teams.

As visibility of your brand is a prerequisite for continuing your business successes in 2020, we’re here to support you with a variety of brand building options across the global cloud, hosting and data center services industry. Global Press Wire Launch

We’ll be able to support you with even more brand building options soon, as we expect to launch our Global Press Wire service this month. The Global Press Wire service will allow you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to publishing your company news through our editorial channels.

You’ll be able to purchase one or more publication opportunities for your press releases as well as company blog articles. You’ll even be able to share videos through this service. The editorial service actually allows you to stay in full control over your content when targeting new audiences and engaging with prospects and industry partners.

Be creative, start sharing your company milestones through the platform in 2020. Position yourself as a thought leader within the global cloud, hosting and data center services industry. If you want us to keep you informed when the Global Press Wire service goes live, please leave your contact details here:

Happy new year!

Best regards,
Koen Stegeman
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