Overland-Tandberg Expands its Server Solutions and Storage Offerings


Data protection and storage solution supplier Overland-Tandberg has announced a thorough expansion of its server and storage product lines. Overland-Tandberg is a multifunctional international technology company that ships more than 5 million items to businesses and agencies in more than 100 countries. 

Overland-Tandberg’s ‘Olympus’ server series offers tower and rack configurations for companies with a variety of performance requirements and a need for value. The two socket rackmount servers R700 and R800 provide a variety of features to boost performance, grow for future needs, and accommodate practically any workload. The tower server T400 and T600 versions come with the RDX QuikStor System backup and business continuity options.

Natalie Kremer, BDM Storage EMEA at Overland-Tandberg
“Our goal is to provide a different way of thinking about data storage that is consistent with today’s fast-paced environment,” said Natalie Kremer, BDM Storage EMEA at Overland-Tandberg.

Their ‘Titan’ brand’s primary and secondary storage solutions would provide scalable, smart, and cloud-integrated technologies to speed up key workloads from the core to the edge to the cloud. The SAN and DAS solutions offered by the Titan T2000 series are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the Titan T3000 series, data protection tools for backup and recovery are available. Scale-out NAS solutions (T6000) and Unified Storage flash arrays (T5000) would complete the Titan line.

All ‘Olympus’ and ‘Titan’ solutions can be adaptably modified to address the many issues of data management, protection, and value unlocking. With the full range of tried-and-true technologies, including server, storage, and data security solutions, along with several Pro-Support options to satisfy customers’ SLA requirements, the new server and storage products are ‘powered by Dell.’

“Addressing the ever-increasing demand for storage in today’s IT environments, driven by explosive data growth from various applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, we added server and storage solutions to our product offerings from SMB to Enterprise customers,” said Eric Kelly, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman at Overland-Tandberg. “And as a certified diversity supplier we are proud that our solutions enable many of our customers to deliver on their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness by investing more of their business spend with minority businesses.”

Working Strategically with Partners

“We really appreciate our long-term business partner Overland-Tandberg expanding their product range,” said Sven Meyerhofer, Managing Director for N-TEC GmbH, Germany. “This enables us to take part in more complex projects with high quality products in the future.”

“Great to see our partner Overland-Tandberg adding those exciting products to the portfolio,” said Yatin Kantak, COO at Softcell Technologies Global, India. “With those we will be able to follow more in depth projects about business continuity and data center expansions from now on.”

“Our goal is to provide a different way of thinking about data storage that is consistent with today’s fast-paced environment. Working strategically with our partners gives us the worldwide scale to deliver reliable data security combined with performance that is affordable,” said Natalie Kremer, BDM Storage EMEA at Overland-Tandberg. “We remain focused on providing exceptional products and services to many of the world’s most recognized businesses in over 100 countries for over the last 42 years.”