OVH Expands Public Cloud Regions in APAC

OVH, one of the world’s largest cloud providers, has expanded its Asia-Pacific (APAC) cloud reach with the launch of two datacenters in Singapore and Sydney respectively. The new OVH data centers located in Singapore and Sydney will increase the total number of OVH Public Cloud locations from six to eight, spanning four continents.

Businesses in the APAC region would now be able to enjoy improved resilience, better connection speeds and faster data transfer. The expansion would also reward customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with the capability to deploy public cloud resources in APAC.

Following this expansion, OVH now operates Public Cloud worldwide and provides Public Cloud services from data centers in Singapore, Australia, Poland, the UK, Canada and France.

“Delivering a fast and reliable service to our customers is paramount to everything we do at OVH,” said Michel Paulin, CEO of OVH. “By adding Public Cloud regions in APAC, we commit to develop in this region of the world and aim to support the local cloud users’ growth. It aligns with our multi-local strategy, placing data centers physically closer to local end-users. It also benefits our EMEA customers looking to do business in APAC, where OVH has operated since 2016.”

Overview of OVH Public Cloud in Asia-Pacific

  • Based on OpenStack open-source software.
  • Ability to service businesses of all sizes: from balanced CPU/RAM instances (for web or business applications) to high compute performances (perfect for large databases and big data) and passing through GPU instances (designed for AI applications).
  • Access to OVH 16 Tbps worldwide network and free anti-DDos.
  • vRack service, connecting worldwide services in an isolated way so users can build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-data center level.

Up to 6 Tbps of traffic included across the region.

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