OVH, SIGFOX to Demonstrate Integration of Data-analysis Platform with SIGFOX IoT Network at CES 2016

OVH, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, has announced the integration of OVH’s PaaS TimeSeries service with SIGFOX’s Cloud. SIGFOX is a global provider of dedicated connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT). The combined offering would make it much simpler for companies to implement and manage their IoT solutions.

OVH’s IoT PaaS TimeSeries is a platform dedicated to collecting, processing, monitoring and analyzing data from sensors in connected devices. Through machine-learning algorithms, it can identify patterns and trigger actions based on the data received. OVH also is working with many manufacturers to offer plug-and-play services to companies.

SIGFOX’s wireless device-to-cloud communications service is a subscription-based offer that allows companies to integrate single devices or entire systems with the cloud, without having to deal with the complexities of networking. This would make it much simpler and more cost effective to collect data from physical objects.

ovh-cloud-hosting“Facing this unprecedented digital revolution, SIGFOX and OVH’s complementarity offers new perspectives, enabling both companies to apprehend the entire value chain of the IoT,” said Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH. “By providing a turn-key solution for storing and managing data, as well as hosting business applications, OVH makes it much simpler, quicker and more cost effective to get up and running with Internet of Things applications.”

The SIGFOX Ready certification program would assure that devices are compatible with the SIGFOX network and can be connected to the IoT easily by any customer, anywhere the SIGFOX service is available. The network already is operating or being deployed in 12 countries, covering more than 1 million square kilometers.

A company wishing to deploy an IoT solution can choose from the many SIGFOX Ready certified devices, or build its own, and use OVH PaaS TimeSeries APIs to retrieve the data for display in an app. Companies then no longer need to build and manage the databases and can thus focus on the business logic of their solution.

Global Data Center Presence

sigfox_iot_cloud“The integration of OVH PaaS TimesSeries in SIGFOX’s Cloud is a key step in the evolution of the IoT that will give customers continuous and unprecedented insights into the status of their infrastructure and other assets, enabling them to increase efficiency and lower costs,” said Stuart Lodge, SIGFOX executive vice president global sales and partners. “With participation of leading players such as OVH in the SIGFOX ecosystem, we are the only IoT connectivity provider that allows customers to systematically use the wealth of data their connected devices are sending.”

With 50 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020, the high potential of the IoT market implies a demand for storage and processing of a very large amount of data, which provides an appropriate scope to OVH and its 220,000 servers in 17 data centers. The web hosting provider’s global presence takes on a new dimension since its announcement, last September, of plans to open 12 new data centers by 2018.