OVHcloud Achieves Regional SAP Certification for Its European Data Centers

OVHcloud has received SAP regional accreditation for cloud and infrastructure operations to host SAP environments across EMEA. This accreditation would allow OVHcloud to better serve clients by ensuring SAP environments are hosted effectively and securely within its European data centers and its TDI-compliant (Tailored Datacenter Integration) physical servers for SAP HANA database hosting.

Photo Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud
“This SAP certification confirms that our infrastructure meets the high security and data protection standards set by SAP,” said Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud.

European SAP partners and enterprises that use SAP technologies may now develop SAP-qualified, partner-packaged solutions on OVHcloud high-performance infrastructure, including those for implementing SAP S/4HANA. “We are proud of this SAP certification, which confirms that our infrastructure meets the high security and data protection standards set by SAP, helping to ensure the integrity of sensitive data and therefore granting our customers added defense to extraterritorial requests,” said Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud.“We are looking forward to providing our customers and SAP partners with cutting-edge and hyper-resilient infrastructures to host their most critical SAP environments.”

Cloud or On-Premises Environments

SAP offers a certification program for partners that manage customer cloud or on-premises environments. Clients may use SAP-certified operations capabilities to find service providers that match their quality, scope, and geographic criteria, while certified partners can boost market exposure and generate additional income.

OVHcloud has demonstrated its commitment to customers both locally in Germany and EMEA at large proven by its regional SAP certification in cloud and infrastructure operations,” said Rudolf Scheipers, Vice President and Head of Outsourcing Partner Certification, Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services for SAP. “We look forward to seeing the company progress further on its journey to provide outsourcing operations for businesses that use SAP technologies.”