Global cloud hosting provider OVHcloud, one of the largest providers of (cloud) hosting services in the world, has unveiled Asia Pacific (APAC) expansion plans. The company has opened its second data center in Sydney while doubling its data center capacity in Singapore.

After its recent announcement of a new Point-of-Presence infrastructure deployed in Mumbai, India earlier this year, OVHcloud is now responding to Singapore’s rapid nationwide digital transformation through major investments and localized solutions.

Their Singapore data center will see an increase in capacity and occupy another floor in addition to their current one. With the new data center in Sydney, Australia, the APAC region now accounts for three out of 32 data centers in OVHcloud’s global network.

“As APAC’s digital transformation capital, Singapore remains a key market for OVHcloud. The initiatives we have announced are a significant step forward to create new value in the Singapore market and are also in line with OVHcloud’s global strategy of becoming a leading cloud provider,” said Michel Paulin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OVHcloud. “We are confident that our unique European offering of allowing customers to retain control over their data through our open, reversible cloud will be key in taking advantage of the many opportunities the region has to offer.”

Strategic Investments in APAC Ecosystem

Photo Lionel Legros, General Manager, Asia Pacific, OVHcloud
“We have seen tremendous business growth in Singapore and we foresee this trajectory to grow even stronger in 2021,” said Lionel Legros, General Manager, Asia Pacific, OVHcloud.

As part of its expansion plans in the Asia Pacific region, the cloud provider has been boosting its employee growth within the local team. Since OVHcloud set up its APAC regional headquarters in Singapore in late 2019, the local team has increased four-fold from just a small team initially.

The new Singapore office, opened in November 2020 and located at Paya Lebar Quarter, now houses the sales, digital marketing, product, communications and supply chain teams of OVHcloud’s regional presence. To keep up with its growth, OVHcloud will continue to hire across the region over the year and currently has openings in Singapore, Australia and India.

“We have seen tremendous business growth in Singapore and we foresee this trajectory to grow even stronger in 2021. Our go-to-market strategy has worked very well in the Singapore market and this strategic investment reaffirms our commitment to our ecosystem of customers and partners,” said Lionel Legros, General Manager, Asia Pacific, OVHcloud. “The expansion of data center capacity, staffing and various functions will help service current requirements and future demands as we continue to offer our solutions at the best price-performance ratio with predictable pricing.”

New solutions launching in APAC

Following the expansion, OVHcloud will be launching a series of new solutions designed to better support the digital transformation of business organisations. The upcoming solutions will be available in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Dedicated Servers for SMBs – OVHcloud’s Advance dedicated server range is designed for small businesses looking to invest in versatile servers that fit their business needs. Dedicated server users can start their first hosted infrastructure “with complete peace” of mind as their data is protected in one of OVHcloud’s 32 data centers around the world.
  • ‘Game’ Dedicated Servers – OVHcloud’s ‘Game’ dedicated server range emphasizes performance for both video game designers and companies who host streaming platforms. Based on a fifth-generation AMD Ryzen platform, these servers are designed to offer users a lag-free gaming experience. Gamers can play their favorite online games “without any limits in terms of performance and stability.” The Anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) Game solution, included with all of OVHcloud’s Game dedicated servers, would prevent any downtime during the gaming experience in the event of a DDoS attack. It is also optimized to adapt to the latest video games.
  • Kubernetes – With Managed Kubernetes Service, OVHcloud provides a container platform for developers to deploy and run applications. The Kubernetes components are deployed, hosted, monitored and maintained by OVHcloud teams including updates linked to bugs and security patches, allowing customers to focus more on the applications and core business aspects. Users will only need to pay for the compute resources deployed within the Kubernetes cluster. They can “benefit” from the vast ecosystem of other open-source tools designed specifically to work with Kubernetes without the lock-in of a closed or proprietary system​.
  • Cloud Connect – OVHcloud Connect is a “high-performance” hybrid connection solution offering global coverage through Points-of-Presence from both OVHcloud and partners in an extended network. With OVHcloud Connect, users can interconnect their company network with OVHcloud and also with OVHcloud’s partners including Equinix and Megaport via the Provider solution, in a direct and secured way.

OVHcloud is a global player and one of the leading European cloud providers operating 400,000 servers within its own 32 data centers across 4 continents. The company serves 1.6 million customers across 140 countries.

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