OVHcloud Announces Opening of Its First Data Center in India

OVHcloud booth

As a European cloud computing pioneer with global presence, OVHcloud, has now opened its first data center in India. This is part of OVHcloud’s plans to expand its operations in the Asia Pacific region, which also include the establishment of two additional data centers in Singapore and Australia by the end of the following year.

The newly disclosed global strategic plan for OVHcloud to construct 15 new locations by 2024 includes the new Mumbai facility, which will add to the company’s already extensive network of data centers located all over the globe. Customers of OVHcloud will be able to meet their ever-increasing digital requirements thanks to the worldwide development, which according to OVHcloud will provide them with cloud solutions that are “open, trustworthy, autonomous, and sustainable.”

Michel Paulin
“We are confident that new data centers will further help OVHcloud’s goal of becoming the cloud provider of choice for customers in this region,” said Michel Paulin, CEO at OVHcloud.

“Since the expansion of our presence in the Asia Pacific market, the region has experienced phenomenal growth of its digital economy. India, Singapore and Australia remain critical markets that are driving this growth from a business transformation and digital innovation perspective,” said Michel Paulin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at OVHcloud. “Data sovereignty and sustainability will continue to be key priorities that have to be balanced with rapidly increasing digital needs. We are confident that new data centers will further help OVHcloud’s goal of becoming the cloud provider of choice for customers in the region, in enabling them to remain compliant while benefiting from our unique proposition of an open, reversible and sustainable cloud.”

Sustainable Cloud Solutions

OVHcloud’s new data center in Mumbai will offer Indian businesses local compute and storage capabilities to meet evolving data compliance needs. The launch of the new facility would be timely, given the Indian government’s push for comprehensive data protection laws to go along with a growing digital economy. OVHcloud, a pioneer in sustainable cloud solutions, deploys innovative technologies such as circularity and water cooling at scale to reach best-in-class sustainability metrics. The new Mumbai facility will leverage OVHcloud’s proprietary water cooling technology to adapt its infrastructure to meet tropical conditions.

Terry Maiolo, VP and General Manager of APAC at OVHcloud, said, “Our new generation of data centers, coupled with enhanced compute and scalable storage capabilities, will elevate our ability to provide customers in India and the region with high-performance cloud solutions that have optimized and predictable price-performance ratios, even as their needs evolve.”

OVHcloud’s global expansion will provide its customers with open, trusted, sovereign, and sustainable cloud solutions. OVHcloud’s integrated industrial model would enable a sustainable cloud by design, with a Carbon Usage Effectiveness of 0.2. Following the launch of the Mumbai facility, OVHcloud customers in the Asia Pacific region can anticipate the deployment of upcoming data centers in Singapore and Sydney by next year. With these additions, the Asia-Pacific data centers will account for six out of OVHcloud’s global network of 48 data centers by 2024.