OVHcloud Introduces Its High Performance Object Storage Solution

OVHcloud servers

Global cloud hosting provider OVHcloud (Paris:OVH) is expanding its data storage solution range by offering unstructured data storage to its clients. This high-performance object storage offering would blend scalability and performance with a clear and cost-effective pricing scheme. It can be appropriate for e-commerce and streaming platforms while it also fits the needs of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

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Each year, the massive quantity of data generated increases dramatically, and by 2025, unstructured data will account for 80 percent of global data, according to IDC. As organizations adopt a cloud-native approach, in order to modernize their information systems or build new applications, they may face quite some challenges. These include navigating the complexities of unstructured data, storing large volumes of data while keeping costs under control, and delivering the speed demanded by applications that use this data.

This newly launched High Performance Object Storage offering by OVHcloud would provide businesses with high-performance, highly scalable storage at a competitive price. The solution can be as well suited for static data such as documents and audiovisual material. It is specifically intended for big data, artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), and applications that demand high throughput and low latency.

OVHcloud’s High Performance Object Storage solution can store enormous quantities of data and scale up fast to one petabyte. OVHcloud claims its price structure to be totally open to clients: €25 excl. tax per terabyte per month, €0.01 excl. tax every outbound gigabyte, with API requests and private outbound traffic included at no additional cost. According to OVHcloud, the solution is simple to use and can be accessed via the S3 API and the OVHcloud Customer Panel.

Data Sovereignty and Privacy

OVHcloud has established an industrial model that would respect clients’ technological and operational sovereignty while implementing environmentally friendly and resource-efficient solutions, based on over two decades of experience in digital infrastructure services. All OVHcloud solutions are designed and constructed in the Group’s own data centers, ensuring 100 percent data reversibility and extraterritorial law immunity.

OVHcloud’s infrastructure complies with the highest security and data protection requirements, including ISO 27001 accreditation and GDPR compliance.

The cloud provider’s Strasbourg data center in France already has High Performance Object Storage available. By April 2022, the service will be operational in Gravelines, France, as well. In May 2022, it will be offered globally from OVHcloud’s Canadian and U.S. data centers.

OVHcloud is a worldwide player and one of Europe’s largest cloud providers, with over 400,000 servers distributed across 33 data centers on four continents.