ownCloud Announces Its New Federated Universal File Access Platform With File Protection

Collaboration solutions provider, ownCloud, has unveiled a new and fully federated universal file access platform to enable secure, frictionless collaboration for enterprises. The release of ownCloud 9.0 would offer the visibility and control into complex, secure and compliant environments with the integration capabilities that IT needs, while continuing to provide enterprise users with frictionless access to all of their files from any device.

ownCloud 9.0 would include significant enhancements including improvements in file access, security and collaboration. With new policy and rules engines, ownCloud enables administrators to set document classification rules based on system or user-applied tags, and take actions to enforce those rules. As a result, organizations can create and execute strategies to automatically protect, retain or delete file types based on their business needs and regulatory requirements. 

secure cloud“Enterprise users around the world demand access to files from any device at any time – frictionless file collaboration has become an enterprise mandate,” said Markus Rex, CEO of ownCloud. “At the same time, an increasing focus on security and regulatory compliance dictates that access to these files must be controlled by IT in their environment. ownCloud 9.0 is the first platform that helps users and IT meet these seemingly disparate requirements while supporting and fostering collaboration inside and outside the firewall.”

In addition to “cutting-edge” document classification and retention, ownCloud 9.0 includes critical upgrades and new capabilities in several areas, including:

  • File Protection – ownCloud would provide a context-aware policy engine for evaluating all document access requests based on file and folder classifications and the specifics of the network request. Combining the enhanced File Firewall with new file and folder metadata, administrators can now set policies by group, access point, app, connection IP and more. With enhanced control and management, administrators can continue to capitalize on integrated authentication and security facilities without compromising the flexibility required to maintain data sovereignty.
  • Federated Cloud Sharing – ownCloud’s unique federated cloud sharing model would connect federated servers in multiple locations into a single user experience for seamless collaboration without giving up local control. Whether sharing with outside stakeholders who require different security parameters or ensuring compliance with local, federal or global requirements, ownCloud0 lets users of any other federated instance collaborate from any mobile, desktop or web interface.
  • Frictionless Collaboration – The addition of comments, tagging and activity stream enhancements would mean that users can now more effectively collaborate on files and folders across mobile, desktop and web clients. In addition to ordinary file sharing, users can now also work seamlessly across data silos and devices, adding real-time collaboration capabilities such as comments, user and administrative file and folder tags, file history and more to any flat file stores like Windows network drives.
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