PAC Storage Unveils New U.2 NVMe All Flash Scale Out NAS

A further addition to its Scale Out NAS product range is unveiled by PAC Storage (PAC), a developer and provider of data storage solutions. PAC Storage’s new NVMe solution, All Flash NVMe Scale Out NAS, would be ideal for high performance requirements for high performance-demanding requirements for high throughput and low latency workloads from media & entertainment and HPC, to Big Data and more.

The PAC Scale Out NVMe NAS is designed to concurrently optimize scalability and performance by adding additional nodes. With 14 U.2 SSDs, users can set up any NVMe scale-out node to read 4.1 GB/s and write 3.1 GB/s per node performance. This design would also provide comprehensive data security and high availability to prevent data loss or system failure.

“PAC continues to bring new product technologies that are viable for our clients ever-changing application needs,” said Rick Crane, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PAC Storage. “Our new All Flash NVMe Scale Out can reach 20GB/s throughput on a five-node cluster. This extreme I/O throughput is offered at a reasonable price so organizations can rely on PAC for next generation technology in SAN/NAS storage solutions.”

SSD Monitoring

The solution’s Scale Out self-starter function is also new. It gives clients who desire a blend of SSD and HDD a more economical alternative. This function automatically assigns data, including accessed ‘hot data,’ which is most-commonly saved for speed in the SSD stage. The automatic animation feature also distributes ‘cold data,’ which are seldom accessed in the HDD stage, to optimize the capacity use for cost savings.

The PAC system includes smart drive control and SSD monitoring, which allows users to forecast how many days are remaining for use. When an SSD is approaching its end-of-life, the system informs users to timely replace the SSD. The PAC system would enable data to increase the life of the SSD by using a series of sophisticated algorithms to ensure that numerous SSD damages are prevented simultaneously.

In addition to the launch of this All Flash NVMe Scale Out NAS solution, PAC Storage was recently selected as one of the ‘20 Most Promising Data Storage Solution Providers 2021’ and ‘Top 10 Media and Entertainment Solution Companies 2021’ by CIO Review magazine.

Pacific Alliance Capital (PAC) is a subsidiary of BOXX Technologies. Since 2005, PAC SAN solutions have been data center cornerstones across the U.S. for primary, secondary, backup, and disaster recovery. PAC PS storage solutions offer SAN and NAS, and include cloud gateway options. The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.

BOXX Technologies is an innovator and provider of high-performance servers, workstation computers, and rendering systems purpose-built for engineering, product design, architecture, media & entertainment, data science, and more. BOXX Technologies is a global company with 40 international resellers. The company designs, manufactures and supports its products from company headquarters in Austin and through affiliated companies, while providing deep learning solutions, data storage, and IT services.