PacHosting Partners with Jelastic, Launches Jelastic Cloud PaaS in Hong Kong

PacHosting, a Hong Kong based web hosting provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Jelastic, Inc., a company that introduced a new degree of freedom in the cloud with containerization for DevOps. PacHosting’s partnership with Jelastic would bring together a developer friendly platform service concept in Hong Kong, plus Docker support.

“PacHosting has a solid and reliable telecommunications infrastructure, an excellent reputation and a high demand for flexible and affordable cloud solutions, making them a perfect partner for us,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “PacHosting is taking advantage of Jelastic cloud services that will support the growth of activity, without compromising security, regulatory compliance, and governance of corporate data.”

pac-web-hostingJelastic Cloud has provided PacHosting with a new way to deploy services for DevOps with “simple” navigation on its intelligent dashboard, where users can perform one-click deployments on the entire application stack and also load balancing and high availability setup, without starting from scratch.

Jelastic provides vertical scaling for all application containers with load spikes and variable loads in general. The granular vertical scaling provides the ability to automatically scale up and down stateful apps, legacy apps and apps that were not designed for horizontal scaling, resulting an “easy” way to migrate and improve existing workloads. In addition, Docker support on PacHosting Jelastic Cloud identifies application service platform market to provide the flexible deployment platform for either short phrase development testing and on-going production stage.