Packet Announces Record Growth, Driven by Adoption of Its Bare Metal Cloud

Packet, a bare metal cloud for developers, has released an overview of its 2016 achievements, during which it expanded to four global data centers (from one); grew its registered user base five fold; and increased annual revenue by over 400%.

Packet increased its annual revenue by over 400% during 2016. The backstory for this growth is simple, according to Packet: The buyer of Internet infrastructure has changed over the past decade, moving from a traditional IT role to one defined by developers and automation. More and more, software is eating its way through the infrastructure stack, with tools like Docker (portability) and Kubernetes (orchestration) able to run workload on any infrastructure that can be delivered via code. The same trend is upending the Enterprise software business, with added pressure from CTO’s who want to move workload away from private corporate datacenters.

packet bare metal cloudDuring 2016, Packet grew its customer base by over 450%, adding customers such as Ripple,, Baremetrics, Cisco, Nuage, NS1, Hashicorp, Wildbit and Grafana. The company closed a $9.4 million in a Series A funding round led by SoftBank in August 2016.

Last year, Packet opened new facilities in Asia (NRT1 in Tokyo, Japan), Silicon Valley (SJC1 in Sunnyvale, CA) and Europe (AMS1 in Amsterdam, NE), expanding its fully automated bare metal compute platform and IPv6-native network beyond its initial New York Metro (EWR1 in Parsipanny, NJ) location.

Packet’s product innovations during 2016 include:

  • Introduced a new ARMv8-A based on-demand server configuration in November 2016, available to deploy in less than ten minutes via API, portal or widely used DevOps tools such as Terraform and Ansible
  • Added powerful networking features, including support for BGP as a routing protocol and custom IP space
  • Added new server types to its on-demand inventory, including the Type 2 server targeted at private clouds
  • Expanded supported operating systems to include Ubuntu 16.04, FreeBSD 11, RancherOS, Windows 2012 in addition to CoreOS, Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 7, and Debian 8

During 2016, Packet also:

  • Partnered with Spotinst to offer the first bare metal compute spot market in the world
  • Partnered with FoxConn and Cavium to introduce the first datacenter grade ARMv8 cloud
  • Partnered with SB Cloud to market cloud services in Japan
  • Expanded native support for Terraform, Ansible, Apache jClouds, Cloud66 and more

Packet is headquartered in New York City and maintains an advanced global IP network between its data center locations in New York Metro (Parsippany, NJ), Sunnyvale (CA), Amsterdam (NL) and Tokyo (JP). The company is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and supports many open source projects, including (which uses Packet to perform automatic performance and burn-in testing of new features) and

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