Pacnet Builds its Own Global CDN With OnApp

Pacnet, an Asia-Pacific provider of data connectivity solutions and colocation services, has deployed of a major new Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform at its Asia-Pacific based data center infrastructure and beyond. Pacnet chose OnApp to create this self-owned and managed CDN solution with a global reach.

pacnetPacnet has deployed the CDN platform across its own substantial datacenter and subsea infrastructure. This infrastructure is extended via the OnApp Federation, OnApp’s global network of service providers offering CDN through a wholesale service provider-to-service provider marketplace. Using OnApp to create its own CDN would enable Pacnet to capitalize on its investment in cross-continent infrastructure, deliver significant improvements in flexibility, and reduce operating costs.

Pacnet’s CDN deployment was completed in less than two months. After an extensive proof of concept Pacnet started migrating customers to its new CDN, and is now live on the OnApp CDN platform.

OnApp Technology

With OnApp CDN, Pacnet has created a network of Points of Presence (PoPs) in its own data centers, spanning eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region. These are supported by additional Asia-Pacific locations from the OnApp Federation, and 10 managed Federation PoPs in the U.S. and Europe. This network of self-owned and managed CDN locations can also be extended on demand with any of the 200+ locations available on the public OnApp Federation. Pacnet’s retail and reseller CDN lines of business now run on OnApp CDN.

onapp-cloud“Traditionally there have only been two ways for carriers to do CDN: roll your own, or license a third party network,” said Jon Vestal, VP Product Architecture at Pacnet. “With OnApp we’ve found a third way, where we can deploy PoPs in our own infrastructure and use the OnApp Federation to extend them however we see fit. It’s great working with OnApp – we love the people, the culture and the technology. Together we’ve developed a CDN platform that works for our business, for our partners, and for our customers, who can target their content at very specific geographies. This is really where all carriers need to be headed.”

Reseller Functionality

Pacnet’s CDN takes advantage of new reseller and routing functionality within the OnApp CDN platform. OnApp CDN helps carriers route CDN traffic intelligently, based on definable rules, which supports integration of peering partner infrastructure with their core CDN. OnApp’s new reseller functionality would make it easy for Pacnet to offer reseller-specific access to some or all of their CDN infrastructure – including their own, and federated resources – from within private, custom CDN control panels.

The OnApp Federation also provides a channel for Pacnet to explore business opportunities. By publishing its own locations to the OnApp Federation marketplace other providers can buy capacity from Pacnet, on demand, creating an additional revenue stream for the carrier.