Page load speeds of less than one second, Aftershock’s Brad Bagherian on UKFast

Aftershock – Brad Bagherian UKFast Case Study.

Tell us about Aftershock and your role
“I’m the Head of E-commerce and Online Strategies, with seven years’ experience working for Aftershock online. Aftershock was established back in the 1980s. We pride ourselves on producing hand-crafted, design-focused garments which are very value-driven. We have a number of celebrity followers including Madonna, Helen Mirren and Katherine Jenkins.”

Before joining UKFast why were you looking to change your hosting provider?
“We are using a Magento platform, which speaks for itself — it’s resource-heavy. In 2010 when we moved to the platform we found we needed more resources. We selected UKFast because they gave us the resources we needed to deploy the platform.”

What do you look for in a hosting provider?
“We look for virtually zero downtime. Security is very important for us as we get customer orders on a daily basis. Page load speed is also a big factor as the faster you are, the more your sales will increase. The ability to remove DDoS attacks plays a part in our strategy as we have to eliminate any attacks on our servers. UKFast gives us a good overall solution and a detailed breakdown of what is happening with our server.”

Why did you choose UKFast?
“I have used many different hosting providers in the past. When I heard about UKFast I visited their data centres in Manchester and went through my needs. They came back to me with a comprehensive report on my current server and what they could improve. I found the UKFast network flexible and scalable which was perfect for my needs.”

How did the UKFast team support you when setting up your solution?
“What I found with UKFast was that I could pick up the phone at any time and speak to experts and get solutions to my needs within minutes.
“I found the whole team knowledgeable and keen to help me to grow my business. That was one of the factors that helped me to decide to move to UKFast.”

Have there been any issues with your solution? If so, how have these been resolved?
“Initially when we moved to the Magento platform, it was a time when Magento was very new to the industry and not a lot of hosting providers had Magento experience. When we moved to UKFast it was a big learning curve for both of us; from our side giving feedback and from UKFast’s side playing around with the platform. It took a couple of months until we found the right solution and how to deploy our site with a Webcelerator to load pages faster.
“Now we are seeing page load speeds of less than one second which has resulted in our sales increasing.”

What do you have hosted with UKFast?
“We have the reliability of two dedicated servers and two Webcelerators to deploy our Magento site, which we find very resilient to traffic.”

How important is your hosted solution to your business?
“Just like a brick and mortar store, our website sees huge amounts of traffic during the holiday season until the end of December. During these days we see a huge spike in traffic and it’s important for us to be able to scale up for 6-8 weeks to increase sales.”

Has your hosted solution had an impact on your business?
“Webcelerator has helped us to expand our business without needing to invest in new software or systems. Speed and uptime is very important for us and if the site isn’t up customers won’t be able to buy which will result in lost sales.”

How has UKFast met your key requirements?
“Our hosted solution with UKFast gives us access to a level of technical expertise to address our changing needs quickly ensuring we are online 24/7. Our requirement was to find 100% uptime and technical expertise, which is what UKFast brought to the table.”

What are your plans for the business over the next 12 months, and where will your solution fit into those plans?
“We want to expand into the US and replicate the site in the US with the same functionalities on a bigger scale and we hope UKFast can help us to achieve this.”

What has your overall experience been like with UKFast?
“It’s been really rewarding working with UKFast. I can call them up and they solve my issues within minutes, which I think is key for a fast-growing business like Aftershock.”

What would you say to another company thinking of working with UKFast?
“I’ve found UKFast very knowledgeable, especially the technical support team. I feel like they love what they do and want to help me to make sure my business is a success.
“Working with UKFast has been brilliant.”

Duration: 2:51
Publisher: UKFast
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