Parallels Gets Microsoft SVVP Validation For its Hypervisor, Announces Sponsorship of OpenStack

Cloud-hosting-providersMicrosoft has validated the Parallels Hypervisor under the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). With the SVVP validation, Parallels customers who run Parallels Hypervisor on Windows Server will have access to cooperative support from Microsoft and Parallels.

Microsoft’s SVVP Program enables Parallels and other software providers to validate machine virtualization products so that Microsoft customers running instances of Windows Server they have acquired and licensed from Microsoft directly can receive technical support for Windows Server in virtualized environments.

With the SVVP validation in place, Microsoft can cooperate with Parallels to provide technical support to customers running Windows Server together with Parallels Hypervisor.

“Microsoft is committed to serving our customers on our Windows Server with Hyper-V platform, as well as supporting our customers who run Microsoft operating systems and applications on third-party hypervisors that have been validated through the SVVP program,” said Mike Schutz, General Manager, Server and Tools Marketing, Microsoft. “Validating the Parallels hypervisor allows us to work together to ensure that as Parallels continues to support its service provider customers, we can cooperate with Parallels to ensure top notch support for licensed Microsoft guest OSs.”

Support for OpenStack

openstack-cloud-hostingAt the same time, Parallels announced corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation, to align its open source strategy and formalize its support for the OpenStack platform. The overall goal of the Parallels OpenStack initiative is to enable service providers to easily deploy OpenStack as their cloud hosting platform for delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The OpenStack – open source – cloud computing platform helps organizations manage compute, storage, and networking resources in private and public cloud hosting environments. Internet service providers (ISPs), enterprises, government agencies and academic institutions around the world use OpenStack to power demanding production workloads in the cloud.

Enabling public cloud services

Parallels’ contributions to the OpenStack community will focus on two distinct areas: improving the integration of containers virtualization within the OpenStack compute layer and working within the community to help optimize OpenStack orchestration for the hosting service provider industry.

“Many service providers in the global mass market hosting industry are adopting OpenStack as a core technology to enable public cloud services,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director, OpenStack Foundation. “Parallels has a strong position in the service provider market and can grow the number of OpenStack clouds by helping them successfully deploy and manage the platform.”