Parallels Unveils High Performance Virtualization for HP Moonshot, Enables Cost-Effective Virtual Servers

virtual-servers-parallelsParallels, the hosting and cloud services enablement provider, has announced the availability of Parallels Cloud Server – a virtualization solution for HP Moonshot low energy servers. The Parallels solution delivers virtualization that advances the utilization and performance of HP Moonshot servers to provide cost-effective, virtual servers that can run internet-scale applications.

HP Moonshot servers are tailored for specific workloads, such as web hosting and web serving, to deliver optimal efficiency. These low-energy servers share traditional components, including networking, management, power and cooling capabilities, to reduce complexity, as well as add to the reduction in energy use and space. By utilizing HP Moonshot technology, users are able to achieve efficiencies of scale.

Parallels Cloud Server delivers high-performance Parallels Containers virtualization that advances the utilization and performance of HP Moonshot servers. The operating system virtualization of Parallels Containers would enable it to provide cost-effective, virtual servers on HP Moonshot.

Improve workload performance

“Parallels Containers provides unique capabilities that complement the HP Moonshot system,” said John Zanni, chief marketing officer, Service Provider, Parallels. “Parallels Containers operating system virtualization technology maximizes the customer investment in HP Moonshot server, while simultaneously improving performance.”

Parallels Cloud Server allows HP Moonshot users running the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges to maximize their infrastructure investment by deploying multiple high density Parallels Containers on each Moonshot cartridge. The advanced memory management capabilities of Parallels Containers would improve the overall workload performance of the cartridge over bare metal. And Parallels Containers enables hosting service providers to deliver multiple VPS and cloud server packages at varying levels of CPU, memory, disk I/O, and storage space.

HP will be demonstrating Parallels Containers on HP Moonshot running the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges as a silver sponsor at Parallels Summit 2014 in New Orleans, February 24-26, 2014.