ParkMyCloud Releases ‘SmartParking’ for Google Cloud Platform

ParkMyCloud, a SaaS platform that automatically identifies and eliminates public cloud resource waste, has released ‘SmartParking’ for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), allowing GCP users to automate their cloud cost optimization.

The ParkMyCloud platform helps customers of the “big three” cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, save money on cloud resources by automatically integrating cost control into their DevOps processes. ParkMyCloud does this by scheduling cloud resources to turn off when they are not needed – which they call “parking”.

“We’ve gotten great feedback on SmartParking from our AWS and Azure customers,” said Bill Supernor, CTO of ParkMyCloud. “Our Google customers have been looking forward to the same optimization opportunities, and we’re happy to deliver.”

Now that SmartParking has been achieved for all three major cloud providers, ParkMyCloud plans to develop cost-savings measures for other services within each cloud provider and to expand to additional cloud providers.

AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure

This expansion of the SmartParking functionality to Google Cloud Platform follows the news that SmartParking for Microsoft Azure was released in March 2018. It uses Google Cloud Platform metric data to find patterns in instance utilization. ParkMyCloud then utilizes that data to automatically recommend specific parking schedules for each cloud instance, designed to turn them off when they are typically idle. This would maximize savings on cloud resources by shutting the instances down when they are not being used.

The company claims that individual AWS and Azure customers working with ParkMyCloud’s automated cost-saving technology, have saved over $1 million on their cloud bills. Now, Google Cloud users, too, are enabled to eliminate wasted spending.