[Part 3] Building a Contacts List with PostgREST and Vue.js: Deploying to Production

👋🏼 Welcome to Part 3 of a tutorial series focused on building a contacts list with PostgREST and Vue.JS.

In this video, we will deploy PostgREST and the Vue.js app we created to production with HTTPS.

📚 Resources

• Source code: https://github.com/digitalocean/databases/tree/master/examples/vue-postgrest-contacts
• PosgREST: http://postgrest.org/en/v6.0/
• PostgREST Releases: https://github.com/PostgREST/postgrest/releases
• How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-secure-nginx-with-let-s-encrypt-on-ubuntu-18-04

Background music: Coupe by The Grand Affair. Downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library.

Duration: 00:12:40
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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