[Partner Webinar] Secure by design 101 Achieving Ultimate Security in the Cloud

Digital transformation drives rapid change in nearly all organizations. To keep up, teams need to maintain the rate of delivery, resulting in change and increasingly complex and dynamic environments.
Every week hundreds of new vulnerabilities are discovered, at an ever-increasing rate. Just as fast, attackers are innovating their methods and improving their ability to capitalize on any weakness they find. Once new vulnerabilities appear attackers find ways of leveraging them with a matter of days, yet most organizations operate patching schedules over weeks.

Most organizations don’t have the resources or expertise necessary to feel confident in their protection. To fill this gap, vendors and customers are turning to a new type of managed security service; Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

phoenixNAP has teamed up with Alert Logic to provide comprehensive protection for their customers’ business-critical assets with Data Security Cloud Advanced.

In this panel, Joel Wilhelm, Director of Channel Sales at phoenixNAP, William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP and Dan Pitman, Principal Security Architect at Alert Logic, will discuss the best practices and advantages of an “always-updated,” threat intelligence system for maximum data protection. We will walk you through the anatomy of our Data Security Cloud’s architecture, which we have developed in cooperation with Alert Logic.

Building a highly secure infrastructure is costly and complex, but we made it affordable, simple to deploy, and easy-to-quote. Learn more about why DSC is the best-selling solution and how you can make steady, recurring revenue streams.

We discussed:
• Most efficient data protection strategies and predictions for the future
• Leveraging cutting-edge security technologies
• How you can offer a customized security service to your clients

Duration: 00:38:28
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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