Partnering on open source: Vagrant and GCP

GCP Blog kicking off HashiCorp mini-series:
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HashiCorp’s main site:
Kelsey Hightower at HashiConf 216:
Vagrant and Google:
Packer and Google Cloud:
Terraform and Google Cloud:

Source code for demos:

This is the second video with HashiCorp in the latest “Partnering on Open Source” series. In this new video, you’re going to hear about an imaginary game studio working on a retro 1980’s style video game updated for the web. You’ll see how developers can use Vagrant to easily spin up a Google Compute Engine virtual machine for shared development. Vagrant, by HashiCorp, is a popular open source tool for describing and provisioning development environments and works great with Google Compute Engine.

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Duration: 5:15
Publisher: Google Cloud
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