Pax8 Adds Check Point’s Cloud-Based Email Security to Its Portfolio

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Pax8, a marketplace where partners can buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions, has added Check Point’s email security solutions to its distribution portfolio. It will provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with this leading security solution for cloud-based email and collaboration suites.

The proprietary API approach to email security developed by Check Point (formerly Avanan) prevents malicious and phishing emails from reaching the inbox. Check Point, which is embedded into the cloud suite, protects it from phishing, malware, data leakage, and ransomware, focusing on the most sophisticated threats.

“Emails are still the number one attack vector for malware delivery, ahead of RDP scans and software exploits,” said Ryan Walsh, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Pax8. “Check Point has developed a unique way for MSPs to protect their networks from harm caused by phishing. Their technology is a powerful addition to MSPs’ technology stacks because it is cloud-ready and well-integrated into environments that MSPs already use. It also provides an innovative way for their customers to manage email security.”

Managed Service Providers

Photo Ryan Walsh, COO at Pax8
“Check Point has developed a unique way for MSPs to protect their networks from harm caused by phishing,” said Ryan Walsh, COO at Pax8.

Check Point’s technology would keep organizations safer, save security teams important time, and eliminate severe monetary and data loss by blocking dangerous and phishing emails from reaching the inbox. Check Point protects all lines of corporate communication from cyber-attacks, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Dropbox, and others.

MSPs may get a multi-tenancy perspective of their email infrastructures, as well as a monthly, usage-based invoicing system, no obligations, and complete automation, with its MSP management portal solution.

“The important thing we do that no other cloud-API based vendor does is prevent malicious and phishing emails before being delivered to the user inbox,” said Gil Friedrich, Vice President of Email Security at Check Point. “Our partnership with Pax8 will enable us to continue to scale our business globally in the IT channel ecosystem. Pax8 partners will now be able to access our advanced AI-driven technology to stop malicious emails before they get into the inbox.”