Payment Processing of Lighthouse Now Done In The Cloud Using Servers From Rackspace

Lighthouse Payment Services has announced that its entire processing configuration is moving to a cloud hosting environment hosted by Rackspace. In the past, all processing was local, using local servers and storing all data locally.

With the change, all future processing is now utilizing servers from hosting provider Rackspace. Processing is changing from a batch oriented environment to a transaction oriented environment allowing more flexibility for cut off times, exception item processing and workflow specialization.

Financial Dashboard

Lighthouse Payment Services is based in Stoneham, Ma.

Clients will now have a Financial Dashboard available to them that will provide details about their revenue stream, historical information, and the ability to develop charts and reports around that information.

The cloud-based platform will offer an enhanced and more robust disaster recovery capability. Also, this solution makes the offering of Remote Capture a turnkey process for any client that wishes to use it.

A series of enhancements will be announced by Lighthouse as the upgrade settles in, including the addition of electronic bill presentment, bill payment, on-line exception item processing and remote deposit capture.

Lighthouse Payment Services is a provider of payment processing solutions (lockbox) tailored for those who don’t have the volume to get the attention of larger providers. The company is based in Stoneham, Ma.