PCWW Now Delivers On-Demand Access to IX Platforms Through Its Console Connect Platform

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Recently, PCCW Global has announced a new IX-as-a-Service or IXaaS. The new service is aimed at providing easier connection to IX platforms and to make it faster and easier to order and pay for IX services from top Internet exchanges. This new IXaaS would also help to make it more flexible.

Enterprises and carriers will be able to order IX services and pay for connections to IX platforms directly, on-demand, and in real-time through the PCCW’s Console Connect digital platform. Those using Console Connect would enjoy high-performance remote peering with many different exchanges globally. The list of exchanges includes BBIX, SGIX, JPNAP, DE-CIX, LINX, KINX, and many others.

Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International
“DE-CIX is pleased to extend our collaboration with Console Connect. DE-CIX was the first Internet Exchange to join the Console Connect ecosystem back in 2019, and since then network automation has demonstrated huge value to our customers,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

As a part of the Console Connect, IXaaS creates a MeetingPlace where users can buy, sell, and meet within a growing ecosystem including SaaS, IoT Partners, data centers, colocation, cloud, UCaaS, and IX. On-demand virtual interconnections are possible between services, applications, and one another. MeetingPlace offers a community of IX providers, which Console Connect users can access and connect with “fast and easily.”

Across the PCCW Global network, multiple virtual connections can be made with a single Console Connect Access Port. Users can enjoy real-time connectivity with IX peering partners and from data centers in more than 50 countries. Access Port Console Connect allows for international or metro connectivity between data centers and direct interconnection with cloud, NaaS, and SaaS platforms in each region. This includes Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cloudflare, RingCentral, and more.

Remote Peering for More Cost-Effective IXP

Remote peering would provide carriers and enterprises cost-effective access to an Internet Exchange Point. There is no need for infrastructure at the exchange point, which would cut the cost significantly, according to PCCW Global. There is also no need to separately contract with each IXP. The on-demand and pay-as-you-go models offer flexibility for remote peering and allow users to access multiple IXs instantly with more bandwidth options through the current Console Connect Access Port.

DE-CIX Collaborating with Console Connect

DE-CIX will collaborate with Console Connect and was the first Internet Exchange to join this ecosystem. They joined in 2019 and have provided value to customers through network automation.

SGIX is also teaming up with Console Connect to allow more companies access. With faster speeds and more flexibility, the collaboration would help expand peering coverage globally. It will be easier for companies to connect to the peering platform from anywhere and monitor or manage their global connectivity.