Phil Shih on Current and Emerging Trends in the Web Hosting Industry

The Web hosting industry is alive and bursting with energy and new developments. We saw the excitement around these emerging technologies first-hand at HostingCon earlier this year. As one of the world’s biggest events celebrating the Cloud and Web hosting industry, HostingCon gathers industry greats, experts, and analysts to discuss all of the innovations and trends that will impact the future of business on the Internet. We were happy to have the opportunity to speak with Phil Shih, the Founder and Managing Director of Structure Research, and to share his insights on some of this year’s hot topics.

In this video, Phil talked to us about some of the biggest news unveiled at HostingCon that will impact the Web hosting industry. He shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry as a whole and the trends shaping its future. Furthermore, we speculate about what topics will dominate next year’s HostingCon.
– The overarching theme this year: “Is it all coming to an end?” The sector is still young, vibrant, and growing but it is facing the biggest challenge in its history. The developments of major industry players are changing the competitive landscape for everyone.
– The Web hosting business is steady and grows incrementally across all business segments, server-by-server and customer-by-customer.
– Next year and in 5 – 10 years, we’ll still be talking about Web hosting but with cooler technologies.
This year, HostingCon Global was held on June 16 – 18 in Miami Beach, Florida. The conference and trade show also occurs annually in China, Australia, India, and Europe. As one of the world’s largest Web hosts, 1&1 is proud to be involved in HostingCon. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and continuing discussions at HostingCon Europe in October.

Duration: 2:4
Publisher: 1&1 Internet, Inc.
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