Phillip Baker – Containers Throughout your Environment

Containers, and Docker specifically, have exploded in popularity, but it is hard to know when and where to put them to use. Beyond understanding the basics of containerization and how it differs from other technologies, engineers and development teams should consider whether containers can solve problems at different levels of the stack – development, testing, staging or production. This talk will walk through the background of containers and dive into good uses of containers in different areas of a codebase’s lifecycle.

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Phillip Baker (@phillbaker) is a software engineer at DigitalOcean, focused on web applications and scaling internal systems. He’s an active open source contributor on Github. Phillip has previously worked for New York City startups Hatch Labs and General Assembly. To relax, he’s is an avid runner, backpacker and craft beer enthusiast.

Duration: 36:37
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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