phoenixNAP Collaborates with MemVerge to Offer Memory-Optimized Servers

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To address demand for Big Memory data processing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider phoenixNAP is now collaborating with MemVerge – a pioneer of Big Memory Computing and Big Memory Cloud technology. The two businesses are collaborating to simplify MemVerge Memory Machine deployments on phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud and deliver a stable infrastructure for Big Memory applications.

The demand for memory-optimized processing is increasing as big data volumes expand at an unprecedented rate, stated phoenixNAP. The difficulty of providing effective memory resources to support real-time analytics and long-term data is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses, according to the IaaS provider. DRAM scaling would necessitate substantial investments while server configurations are sometimes insufficient to handle large deployments.

The MemVerge Memory Machine is a new means of deploying and scaling memory technologies. Organizations can power their applications with persistent memory that delivers DRAM-like features and performance at an economical price point using a single Memory Machine virtualization layer. Furthermore, the program creates application snapshots in DRAM and permanent memory, allowing for greater availability and mobility.

Data-Hungry Applications

Photo Jonathan Jiang, COO at MemVerge
“Hardware limitations are a common challenge for advanced memory deployments, and this is the issue that phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud successfully addresses,” said Jonathan Jiang, COO at MemVerge.

MemVerge Memory Machine, which will be deployed on phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud platform, will provide a full infrastructure solution for Big Memory data processing. The Bare Metal Cloud would use powerful hardware to deliver sophisticated Big Memory data processing setups, assuring constant performance and cloud-like flexibility. phoenixNAP says its Bare Metal Cloud offering is an automation-driven platform that can be installed in minutes and simply maintained using its API, CLI, and Infrastructure as Code interfaces.

“Through our collaboration with MemVerge, we are able to address an emerging need for memory-optimized server solutions,” said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP.

“MemVerge Memory Machine is taking an innovative approach to memory technology, providing a simplified solution to efficient memory scaling and management. Coupled with performance capabilities of our Bare Metal Cloud, their software provides optimized compute for Big Memory workloads. Organizations handling data-hungry applications that need to be processed and analyzed fast can leverage this platform to streamline their projects and applications, while simplifying infrastructure management tasks.”

Bare Metal Cloud

“Hardware limitations are a common challenge for advanced memory deployments, and this is the issue that phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud successfully addresses,” said Jonathan Jiang, COO at MemVerge. “It offers dozens of configurations that provide a robust foundation for MemVerge Memory Machine implementations to process ‘Big and Fast’ data. We are excited to work with phoenixNAP and leverage Bare Metal Cloud to demonstrate the potential of our memory virtualization technology, as well as to address the emerging use cases for Big Memory optimization.”

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud would let enterprises assure constant performance even for demanding workloads and apps by giving them direct access to CPU and RAM resources. Simplicity in server provisioning, scaling, and management is ensured by the platform’s DevOps connectors, various billing models, and integration tools. It may help automation-focused companies optimize their CI/CD processes, access burst resources quickly, and enable worldwide deployments.

The Bare Metal Cloud platform has 15TB of free bandwidth (5TB in Singapore) as well as adjustable bandwidth options for more sophisticated requirements. S3-compatible object storage, phoenixNAP’s global DDoS-protected network, and key worldwide locations are also accessible via the platform.