PhoenixNAP Increases Mitigation Capacity to Handle Significantly Bigger DDoS Attacks

PhoenixNAP, a global IT services provider offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions from locations worldwide, announced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) enhancements. The company’s increased mitigation capacity would allow them to handle significantly bigger attacks.

Enabling more effective profiling of incoming traffic, advanced reporting and easier resource scaling, the new solution builds upon phoenixNAP’s existing security infrastructure.

phoenixnap hosting providerAccording to Akamai’s State of the Internet/Security Report for Q2 2017, which analyzed data from 230,000 servers in over 1600 networks worldwide, the volume of DDoS attacks grew 28% since Q1 2017. The report also indicated that the evolution in the DDoS area shows no sign of slowing down and that businesses are to expect new, more sophisticated threats in the future.

“Our DDoS enhancements have undergone multiple phases of maturity and there are more to come in the near future,” said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP. “In the current, fourth phase, we increased overall capacity, which allows us to handle significantly bigger attacks and address smaller single-server attacks that do not have an impact on overall network performance, but that can be detrimental to a single client.”

More Adaptive and Scalable 

PhoenixNAP’s enhanced DDoS technology provides an additional layer of mitigation to block a greater diversity of network attacks. The new solution would be more adaptive and can scale more systematically than most traditional technologies, which would provides greater efficiency to phoenixNAP’s clients.

The enhancements include more granular data scrubbing to improve the overall network health and make specific clients less prone to attacks. In addition to expanded mitigation capacities, an improved inspection center offers would more detailed insights into attack-associated data, while enhanced API customization would enable a more robust attack overview.

“A lot of companies that we work with are under heavy security regulations and our DDoS enhancements are another way for us to respond to their requirements,” adds William Bell, VP of Products at phoenixNAP. “We can now better address the growingly aggressive DDoS landscape, which has become a harsh reality for an enormous number of businesses. By improving the intelligence on attack strength and location, we empower our clients to better understand the threats and make more informed decisions about their data protection strategies.”

PhoenixNAP’s DDoS mitigation services support a wide range of solutions, from bare metal dedicated servers to private and hybrid cloud deployments. PhoenixNAP is a Premier Service Provider in the VMware Cloud Provider Program and a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partner. PhoenixNAP is also a PCI DSS Validated Service Provider and its flagship data center is SOC Type 1 and SOC Type 2 audited.

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