phoenixNAP Plans to Launch VMware-based Data Security Cloud Platform

phoenixNAP, a global provider of cloud solutions, bare-metal dedicated servers, colocation, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting, has announced the upcoming launch of its Data Security Cloud – a new cloud security platform architected on the latest VMware technologies.

The company’s soon to be launched Data Security Cloud solution would address growing security concerns for businesses of all sizes and across industries, including those with heavy compliance and security demands to protect their workloads in the cloud. The new Data Security Cloud platform will be generally available in November.

phoenixnap hosting provider“The introduction of phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to confidently tackle the strictest security and compliance-focused workloads in a multi-tenant, cloud-based environment,” said Ian McClarty, President at phoenixNAP. “Supported by our flexible solutions team, any organization will be able to make a secure and easy transition to the cloud. With VMware NSX at its core, Data Security Cloud offers highly granular security of virtualized workloads through advanced capabilities such as micro-segmentation, distributed firewalling, and VPN. Customers get a Secure-by-Design cloud environment with protection across not only the perimeter but at the application level as well.”

Sensitive Workload Handling 

PhoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud is built to provide “fast, secured and reliable” services to businesses handling dynamic loads of sensitive data. Data Security Cloud will provide all-round protection for sensitive workloads leveraging advanced security capabilities of the VMware NSX network virtualization. VMware NSX decouples network and security functions from the underlying physical infrastructure and embeds them directly into the hypervisor, distributing them across the data center.

According to phoenixNAP, this fundamental shift in how security is delivered can help overcome the shortcomings of legacy architectures. It would allow intelligent and automated security policies to travel with virtual workloads regardless of their placement in the cloud and independent of the physical network topology, to help maintain the highest level of protection.

“By using VMware NSX as the core enabler to the new Data Security Cloud service, phoenixNAP is providing a comprehensive offering that makes security both application focused and intrinsic to the infrastructure,” said Jay Workman, senior director, Cloud Provider marketing at VMware. “This is a powerful example of the security capabilities of VMware’s next-generation solutions, which enable partners, such as phoenixNAP, to create innovative new offerings that will help differentiate them in the industry.”