PHP Web Attacks Have Nearly Doubled, Says UK Hosting Company UKFast

Data from UKFast’s first Threat Monitoring Report has revealed that the first 10 weeks of 2019 has shown more than 5.5m malicious events across UKFast’s hosting platform, with 1.52m full attack attempts blocked in total, from a sample size of 181.5m total events analyzed.

The first Threat Monitoring Report to be released by UK hosting provider UKFast is providing us with data and insight from UKFast’s Threat Monitoring service, which continuously analyzes data to distinguish between potential security breaches and normal activity.

PHP web attacks nearly doubled when compared to the 10 weeks to 31st December 2018, and were the most common attack type seen, with 52,920, followed by SQL injection attempts and XSS (cross site scripting) attempts.

PHP Attack Attempts U.S., Russia, China

The U.S., Russia and China have generated the most attack attempts throughout the lifetime of the service, according to UKFast, although data from 2019 to date sees PHP attacks from the UK climb into 3rd place ahead of China.

“We’re seeing a rising number of attempted PHP web attacks across the servers protected by Threat Monitoring,” said Neil Lathwood, CTO of UKFast. “PHP is a popular programming language so it’s natural that we’re seeing a huge number of attacks on PHP applications and websites. The use of pre-built plugins containing PHP vulnerabilities is also leaving businesses open to attack. Some of these plugins are not regularly updated by their developers and are leaving businesses open to some really significant vulnerabilities.”

UKFast’s Threat Monitoring service, launched in 2018, now protects hundreds of businesses, and will publish a quarterly threat monitoring report with statistics, trends and insights to support the wider security industry.

Threat Monitoring includes host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring (FIM), Rootkit detection and server baseline hardening.

The announcement follows the news of UKFast acquiring a 120,000 sq. ft. plot of land opposite UKFast’s campus headquarters in Birley Fields, Hulme. The acquisition of this plot of land would be key to the continued growth and acceleration of UKFast and its associated companies. The current Birley Fields Campus incorporates two identical 40,000 sq. ft. buildings, 1 and 3 Archway.

In December 2018, UKFast announced a 30% stake acquisition of UKFast by Inflexion Private Equity. After expectations about the company to be worth upwards of £350M in the summer of 2018, this deal would see the hosting provider from Manchester valued at £405 million (based on £25 million EBITDA).

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