Pico Expands Trading Connectivity with Layer 1 Network at JPX Colocation Site

Japan streetSignificant service additions at the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) colocation site have been announced by Pico, worldwide supplier of technology, data, and analytical services to the financial markets industry. This development includes the introduction of support for the newly launched JPX Layer 1 ultra-low latency network access, catering to the evolving needs of latency-sensitive trading strategies within the financial industry.

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), and Osaka Exchange (OSE) are just a few of the key financial institutions that may be reached with very low latency using the Layer 1 network solution that the exchange started. By making this infrastructure investment, Pico is demonstrating its dedication to provide state-of-the-art solutions to customers that need quick execution times in addition to precise and rapid market views.

Pico’s Layer 1 network solution would offer multiple advantages, one of which is its exceptional round trip latency reduction of more than eighty percent. Moreover, the enhanced service becomes essential for customers working in latency-sensitive settings since JPX Group market data transmission boasts latency as low as 5 nanoseconds, and the exchange’s Layer 1 solution adds an extra 2-microsecond increase.

Pico’s unique worldwide network, PicoNet, is fully integrated with the colocation infrastructure of JPX. Through this network, JPX may link to more data center sites in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. In addition to providing raw historical data, Pico is authorized to redistribute both raw and normalized market data from important companies such as TSE, OSE, and TOCOM. This allows Pico to better serve customers looking for robust and all-inclusive tick data solutions.

Layer 1 Network Connectivity

Bo Zhou, Head of APAC at Pico, said he was excited about the developments: “We are happy to build on the success we have established with our existing services in Japan by supporting the JPX network upgrade for Layer 1 market data. The JPX ecosystem continues to attract interest from clients.” Mr. Zhou highlighted the crucial improvements that enable seamless customer deployments, made possible by Pico’s operational expertise and local staff in Tokyo.

Pico’s recent investments in the Japanese markets, including Layer 1 network connectivity from JPX and support for raw market data and order entry for SBI Japannext and CBOE Japan, further solidify its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. With an extensive suite of connectivity, hosting, and analytics services available across various key markets, Pico is well-positioned to serve electronic trading participants seeking comprehensive connectivity solutions.

The company’s Redline software product suite would complement the region’s solid Pico infrastructure and the growth of its market penetration into Japan. For customers using Pico’s services, this suite would offer ultra-low latency market data normalization and execution technologies, improving their entire trading experience.