Piracanjuba: Creating Fault Tolerant, Flexible and Cost-Effective SAP Hana Environments [PORTUGUESE]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture – https://amzn.to/2LIUoel, Fabio Franca, IT Manager and Dan El Pierre, Solutions Architect explain how Piracanjuba designed their SAP Hana production environment to be fault tolerant and easily recovered in different AWS regions. They also show how to reduce costs in development environment automating operational tasks with AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch. As a result, they achieved more agility for new business projects because they used to take days or weeks to create a new SAP development environment and now, on AWS, Piracanjuba is able to create new development environments in just minutes.

Host: Claudia Charro, Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Fabio Franca, IT Manager and Dan El Pierre, Solutions Architect, Piracanjuba

Duration: 7:5
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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