PixelStrings by Cinnafilm: A Flexible & Scalable Platform for Video/Audio Optimization & Conversion

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Alfred She from Cinnafilm, Inc. explains how the company uses native AWS services to implement PixelStrings, a flexible and scalable platform for video and audio processing. PixelStrings offers transcoding, high-quality motion-based frame rate conversion, audio and video retiming, deinterlacing, denoising, and re-texturing. Learn how Amazon EC2 (general compute and GPU instances), Amazon S3, and AWS Lambda work together in the PixelStrings video/audio processing PaaS (Platform as a Service). PixelStrings provides a full-stack web application and a JSON-RPC API that customers use to upload, process, and download video and audio assets.


Duration: 00:09:13
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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