Plaid's Journey to Global Large-Scale Real-Time Analytics With Google BigQuery (Cloud Next '19)

Building large-scale real-time analytics platforms is a challenge – technologies are complex, architectures are fragile, and data simply gets lost along the way! In this session, we’ll discuss how BigQuery makes real-time easy and powerful. We’ll outline some popular and portable architectures and demonstrate them, well, in real-time! Finally, we’ll learn how Plaid is leveraging BigQuery and Google Cloud for their global large-scale real-time analytics solution, receiving 40,000 events per second and storing Terabytes daily.

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Speaker(s): Tino Tereshko, Seth Hollyman, Yuki Makino

Session ID: DA306
product:BigQuery; fullname:Seth Hollyman,Tino Tereshko;

Duration: 45:23
Publisher: Google Cloud
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