PlanetRisk and Rackspace

PlanetRisk is a technology solutions and services company that provides a comprehensive analysis of ‘risk & opportunity’ for our clients. Instability can arise from changes in lifestyle, demographics, economy, politics, governance, conflict, and competition – as well as event specific impact of natural events and man-made crises. PlanetRisk offers state-of-the-art solutions that identify and predict hazards along multiple attributes to give clients a true view of their consolidated risk, whether at local, national, or global levels – helps them find new opportunities and adapt their business with the changing environment.

In this video, Mark Dumas, CEO and Jerry Cogle, Senior Vice President – Technology with PlanetRisk talk about how Big Data is evolving – and how Rackspace helps PlanetRisk to focus on its core expertise – eliminating the need to worry about IT Infrastructure and hardware. “If you want to hire a bunch of hardware guys, go ahead – you’re still going to have a hard time beating the value,” explains Cogle. “I recommend Rackspace to anybody who’s thinking about technology and certainly getting outside your IT infrastructure – there’s no better way.”

Duration: 2:26
Publisher: Rackspace
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