Platform9 Announces General Availability of Its SaaS Managed OpenStack Solution

Platform9, a company focused on making private clouds easy for organizations of any scale, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has announced the general availability of Platform9 Managed OpenStack, a SaaS solution that would transform an organization’s existing servers into an AWS-like agile, self-service private cloud within minutes. 

This release follows a successful six-month beta where the service was tested by enterprises and service providers across diverse industries and geographies with 1,000s of virtual machine deployments everyday. In addition to supporting KVM environments today, Platform9 Managed OpenStack is now available in beta for VMware vSphere environments, with more than 20 customers participating in the beta. Support for Docker is in development, and a beta will be announced later this year.

Beta Customers

“Enterprises that outgrow their initial use of public clouds are looking for a cloud platform to manage their in-house infrastructure,” said Udy Gold, Sr. Director of Infrastructure at PubMatic, a beta customer for Platform9 Managed OpenStack. “We’re very impressed with Platform9’s simplicity, and how easily it integrated with our existing infrastructure. It’s the simplest path to a private cloud.”

platform9-private-cloud“Platform9 is one of the easiest products we have stood up to support our existing datacenter environment,” said Dorren Schmitt, Manager, System Administration at The Weather Channel, a beta customer for Platform9 Managed OpenStack. “We were able to get all of our hosts and virtual machines for one datacenter into Platform9 in a half day. It is an easy, intuitive solution to use.”

Key benefits of Platform9 Managed OpenStack would include:

  • Ease of use – Customers can sign up and use Platform9 Managed OpenStack without any OpenStack expertise. They get a 100% OpenStack API compatible, production ready configuration and can focus on using their cloud rather than spending time and money implementing it.
  • Leverages existing environments – Platform9 Managed OpenStack fully supports greenfield and brownfield environments so customers can easily import existing environments, including servers, storage, networks and workload configurations.
  • Single pane of glass – Because of its SaaS delivery model, Platform9 Managed OpenStack would work seamlessly across multiple geographies, enabling customers to save costs by consolidating their distributed infrastructure into a single private cloud. In addition, since Platform9 Managed OpenStack supports multiple virtualization / container technologies, customers have the freedom to use the virtualization or container technology most suitable to specific applications or projects.
  • Production ready for the enterprise – Platform9 Managed OpenStack delivers OpenStack’s distributed services in a fully tuned and tested configuration, thus being ready for the most demanding enterprise workloads. It is being used in environments with 1,000s of virtual machine deployments everyday, and by customers running infrastructure distributed across continents.
  • Service SLA + built-in monitoring – Unlike public clouds that offer Service SLAs, enterprise IT is responsible for their private cloud SLA. Platform9 Managed OpenStack comes with a Service SLA that IT can rely upon: the service is continuously monitored by Platform9‘s internal telemetry for availability and operational health.
  • Seamless updates – Seamless, non-disruptive updates are built into Platform9 Managed OpenStack. The service receives minor fixes and updates periodically, but like other SaaS services, this is transparent to customers. In addition, the service would seamlessly upgrade to stable OpenStack releases annually, so customers can also leverage enhancements in OpenStack itself.