Platform9 Launches Multi-Region Support for VMware and KVM Private Clouds

Platform9, a private cloud provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has announced that its Managed OpenStack solution now gives enterprise IT the ability to segment and manage distributed data center ‘regions’ from a single pane of glass.

With this release, customers can define their own regions to reflect physical or logical boundaries. For example, data centers that are located in different geographical locations, support different teams, or run different hypervisors such as KVM and VMware, can be managed “seamlessly” within the same private cloud user interface. Platform9 multi-region capability is now generally available and included in Platform9 Managed OpenStack Enterprise Edition. 

platform9 private cloud“To ensure the performance of our solution, IDenTV has multiple data centers across the country, situated to optimize connectivity with media production sites,” said Amro Shihadah, COO of IDenTV, maker of real-time video detection and analytics technology used in the advertising and intelligence sectors. “Managing this distributed infrastructure is challenging and puts a drain on our productivity. With its ability to define and manage distinct regions, Platform9 makes it seamless to manage our distributed infrastructure from a single interface, driving greater IT efficiency and supporting better service delivery for our business.”

Platform9’s new multi-region capability provides new and enhanced functionality for customers, supporting three common use cases in globally distributed enterprise data centers:

  • Geographically distributed infrastructure with dedicated storage and network infrastructure can now be aggregated into the same private cloud. Not only would IT benefit from improved visibility into their distributed infrastructure, but IT can also enable self-service access to end users across sites.
  • Multiple VMware vCenters can be “easily” managed within a single private cloud platform. Many large enterprise customers who use VMware vSphere deploy several vCenter servers to scale their virtualized infrastructure. All of this infrastructure can be managed by a single OpenStack private cloud, increasing automation and choice.
  • Multiple hypervisors can be “easily” managed within a single private cloud platform. This would reduce IT’s management overhead for mixed environments and give cloud platform users a true single pane across hypervisor platforms. It would also enable an easy migration path for VMware vSphere users looking to reduce virtualization licensing costs and mitigate vendor lock-in by moving their second-tier workloads to lower-cost KVM.

“Enterprise customers often struggle with the complexity of managing distributed infrastructure across geographies,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9. “Further, a growing number of organizations have a stated goal to reduce infrastructure costs by introducing a secondary hypervisor platform to their IT environment, creating yet another management challenge. Platform9 Managed OpenStack provides seamless management of multiple regions – which customers can define and segment in ways that make sense for their infrastructure and their business – enabling greater flexibility, efficiency and cost savings.”