PlexHosted Announces New Solutions for Discontinued SharePoint Online Public Websites

PlexHosted, a developer of managed cloud hosting solutions for better enterprise collaboration, has announced a new set of product offerings for Microsoft SharePoint that will allow Microsoft Office 365 customers to continue using SharePoint Online Public Websites, a feature that was discontinued by Microsoft earlier this year. As a Microsoft Partner, PlexHosted is approved to host public websites based on SharePoint. 

SharePoint’s Public Website feature would be a crucial tool for smaller and midsize organizations that seek to quickly establish a presence on the web using simple design tools. Current customers were given a minimum two-year grace period from March 9, 2015 before access would be shuttered, while new customers after March 9 would not have access to the feature at all. 

microsoft-sharepointAs a Microsoft Partner, PlexHosted is qualified to develop solutions that provide SharePoint users with the features they depend on most. PlexHosted’s new web hosting services include plans for Foundation, Standard, Enterprise, and Business Intelligence. Features of new service plans are not available as part of old service plans.

“PlexHosted is pleased to be able to offer small and medium sized businesses the continued use of their public SharePoint websites without interruption, as well as new customers who are looking to get a web presence in place,” said Michael Starostin, CTO, PlexHosted. “Our new web hosting plans are affordable, and because we offer full migration and monitoring, leave the customer feeling secure that their website is in good hands.”

Founded in 2010, PlexHosted, a privately owned managed cloud hosting provider headquartered in Jamestown, Rhode Island, delivers email solutions for businesses, collaboration, enterprise instant messaging, and SaaS website hosting solutions.