PLUMgrid Announces New Cloud Network Visualization Platform, CloudApex

PLUMgrid, a provider of secured and scalable software-defined networking (SDN) for OpenStack clouds, has announced availability of PLUMgrid CloudApex, a cloud network visualization platform. The new platform displays the real-time status of both physical and virtual resources in OpenStack clouds to help cloud and IT engineers manage the vast number of virtual resources in scale-out data centers while minimizing downtime.

CloudApex, built with patent-pending technology, combines built-in analytics and alerts to help cloud engineers and operators proactively identify and act on emerging issues across both compute and network resources in an OpenStack cloud environment, integrating them into a unified graphical view. PLUMgrid’s new platform from would offer a significantly more intuitive and comprehensive real-time approach to monitoring than traditional, linear format monitoring tools currently on the market.

plumgrid-cloud“Until today, visualization tools have been primarily based on tables and focused on individual components of the network. They’ve provided no correlation across different layers of the solution,” said Sushil Singh, Chief Architect and Co-Founder at PLUMgrid. “As a result, even in smaller networks, it has been a challenge to spot and troubleshoot operational and security issues. CloudApex uniquely addresses this challenge by providing a simple, intuitive monitoring platform that offers real-time visualization and correlation of both physical and virtual network resources.”

CloudApex works in conjunction with PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) for OpenStack, and monitors selective 3rd party virtual and physical assets across OpenStack, hypervisors, and servers. Together, CloudApex would speed network deployment, help with everyday operations at scale, and minimize production outages.

Scale Out Performance

PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack is a comprehensive software suite that would enable secure and scalable virtual network infrastructure. Deployed by service providers and enterprises in more than 70 OpenStack clouds, PLUMgrid ONS would provide terabits of scale out performance, production grade resiliency and secure multi-tenancy for hybrid data centers.

PLUMgrid ONS supports industry’s broadest set of OpenStack distributions and installers including Huawei Compass, Mirantis OpenStack, Rackspace Private Cloud, RDO, Red Hat OpenStack, and Ubuntu OpenStack by Canonical.

PLUMgrid will showcase CloudApex and its Open Networking Suite (ONS) SDN solutions at OpenStack Summit Tokyo from October 27-29, 2015.