Polish Energy Company Selects Beyond.pl for Colocation and Cloud Services

HPE GreenLake

Polenergia Dystrybucja, an energy company distributing its energy to more than 18,000 customers throughout Poland, has adopted a hybrid IT infrastructure model. It has deployed a co-located IT environment combined with a VMware and HPE GreenLake powered cloud solution. Polenergia’s hosting technology partner is Beyond.pl, who is responsible for the delivery of this comprehensive colocation and cloud services solution. 

Polenergia aimed to find an optimal model to secure processing power and storage capacity for future needs, without being able to precisely define the exact timing and scale of these needs due to their dependency on growth. Polenergia also strived to optimize infrastructure requirements to handle ‘standard’ compute needs as well as cyclical and seasonal peaks resulting from the specifics of the business.

Hence, the new model for IT infrastructure had to ensure the highest levels of security and availability of services, be capable to scale up and down on the fly to meet seasonal needs, and support growth ambitions, while concurrently being optimized in terms initial investment and long-term costs. Based on this scoping requirement, Beyond.pl presented four alternative delivery models: private cloud, IaaS, colocation and a hybrid scenario made up of a mix of colocation and VMware private and public cloud.

The hybrid IT model was selected as it met all the requirements and additionally proved to be cheaper than the other scenarios, significantly reducing investment into the IT infrastructure.

“Our goal was to design an IT solution that is optimal from a business and financial perspective, supporting our long-term development goals,” said Krzysztof Pubrat, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Polenergia Dystrybucja. “According to our investment plan for 2021-2026, we want to expand our customer base to 80.000, significantly increase our market share, introduce new services and continue our digital transformation. Rational spend in the area of technology on the system, application, and infrastructural level will allow us to achieve our strategic objective.”

VMware HPE GreenLake

Beyond.pl has taken over the responsibility ensuring that temporary increases in demand for computing power, which at Polenergia are cyclical and are related to, among others, monthly billing processes are supported with adequate infrastructure. These peak demand needs will be supported by VMware public cloud deployed in an on-demand and pay-as-you-go model. This is possible thanks to the HPE GreenLake technology platform hosted in Data Center 2 in Poznan, Poland which would guarantee a high level of service availability supported by the ANSI/TIA-942 certification at the Rated 4 level.

In the event of expected growth in demand for computing power resulting from the implementation of new systems and applications, and increase in the customer base, coming into fruition Beyond.pl ensures the ability to support the infrastructure needs in real time. This is possible thanks to a permanent safety stock of HPE GreenLake servers and storage equipment, which are maintained in Beyond.pl data centers and made available when needed. Polenergia Dystrybucja is the first company in Poland to deploy cloud services on HPE GreenLake.

“Businesses are increasingly dependent on technology, and ongoing digital transformation leads to a significant increase in IT solutions deployed by companies,” said Wojciech Stramski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beyond.pl. “Obviously, this is challenging as these companies need to ensure security in combination with business continuity on the one hand, and optimize costs and be able to support increases in workload demand without any delays impacting business on the other. The optimal solution frequently turns out to be one based on a hybrid deployment model. This scenario allows to deploy solutions that combine colocation with the cloud in any form, while minimizing the unnecessary upfront investment in hardware. This approach allows customers to leverage the strengths of each solution while being able to incur infrastructure related costs in a pay-per-use or monthly models.”

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