PolySwarm, a decentralized global marketplace headquartered in Puerto Rico allowing security experts to build anti-malware engines, and decentralized mobile security solutions provider Rivetz, have announced a partnership to form the ‘Decentralized Cybersecurity Consortium’. DC2 is a professional group for IT security companies aimed at developing best practices for blockchain-based cybersecurity.

“PolySwarm is thrilled to partner with Rivetz as co-founding members of the Decentralized Cybersecurity Consortium, and we are dedicated to advancing cybersecurity solutions and best practices at the intersection of InfoSec and blockchain,” said Paul Makowski, CTO and Co-Founder of PolySwarm. “We look forward to welcoming more outstanding projects to DC2, and advancing public discourse, policy, and solutions in this space.”

As a decentralized marketplace for malware detection, PolySwarm brings together a global community of anti-malware professionals working together to best detect today’s threats. PolySwarm re-imagines the $8.5 billion per year threat intelligence market with crowd-sourced, collaborative malware detection. It would incentivize specialized knowledge and mandate interoperability, allowing enterprises and end users alike to obtain more complete threat coverage.

Blockchain Transactions

Based in Richmon, Massachusetts, Rivetz supports advanced security capabilities that provide owners of account-enhanced protection, assuring integrity of messaging and applications. Its RvT cybersecurity token would provide verifiable security controls for blockchain transactions. The RvT token enables multifactor authentication across devices, to achieve “provable security at the transaction and authentication level.” The Rivetz solution leverages technology that is already built into hundreds of millions of mobile devices to assure the keys and transactions can not be altered or stolen by malware infecting the operating system.

“Cybersecurity needs to be built in by design, not added on as an afterthought. The tools and standards to assure the highest quality data on blockchain will be critical to growing the value of the entire market,” said Steven Sprague, CEO and co-founder of Rivetz. “We are excited to partner with PolySwam to co-found the Decentralized Cybersecurity Consortium to build a more secure future.”

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