Cloudistics, an on-premises cloud computing company that was founded in 2013 in Reston, VA, has launched its comprehensive new channel partner program. The new program, called Accelerate, aims to provide “the highest level of support and unique enablement required by each of its partners.”

“It’s a straightforward, simple program that demonstrates our commitment to empowering our channel community to assure our mutual and profitable long-term and repeatable success,” said Chris Myhill, VP of Worldwide Channel Sales & Marketing, Cloudistics. “We need the deep customer relationship and technical prowess of our partner community to ensure customer success, and this program both recognizes and honors that.”


Accelerate, the three-pronged program, addresses the support needs of the company’s value-added resellers (VARs), Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), via three satellite programs that are each “uniquely” tailored to these audiences.

  • Cloudistics Reseller Program  – Two tiers catering to the diverse needs of different size partners, and categorized as Authorized Partner and Premier Partner. By meeting sets of clearly defined criteria, resellers will gain access to one or the other tier; unlocking comprehensive benefits that range from financial to services, business support and marketing.
  • Technology Alliance Program Cloudistics develops joint relationships with influential technology partners to extend their joint markets and solutions while enhancing products for its customers. Two unique programs make this vision possible – the Cloudistics ISV Program and the Cloudistics OEM Program.

Cloudistics ISV Program offers the company’s partners inclusion in the Cloudistics Marketplace, a launchpad via which customers can avail themselves of near-instant delivery of leading software titles with just a few clicks. Among other benefits, it would also unlock the ability of ISVs to use the Marketplace to create bundles with complementary products and services.

The OEM Program would provide a versatile foundational platform with all the essential building blocks of IT infrastructure for system builders to build upon and sell packaged solutions to their end-customers. Thus, instead of individually sourcing components and committing time and effort to integrating them, this program would make it easy for system builders to acquire and distribute these solutions.

Embedded in both Cloudistics’ TAP channel programs are benefits that range from technical support, to bundled product offerings, and joint marketing and sales initiatives and support.

MSP Partner Program

Participating in Cloudistics’ MSP Partner Program grants MSPs access to their StarterCloud and ReadyCloud solutions that assist them with launching on-premise cloud offerings that can be re-sold to customers and packaged as cloud infrastructure on demand; secondary disaster recovery site; or as backup scenarios.

The pre-packaged StarterCloud platform would empower MSPs to build their own private cloud services, starting with a complete Cloudistics on-premise cloud platform that would deliver all the features and functionality of public cloud “in an affordable manner.”

The ReadyCloud option would deliver to MSPs “friction-free” channel selling with a utility-based approach, via the ability to create and scale their cloud business “in an affordable, consumable manner with monthly usage billing.”

Apart from the ability to quickly construct private cloud services that deliver immediate customer value, the benefits of participating in the MSP Partner Program would include reduced risk via lower initial CAPEX, and Cloudistics’ provision of a consultative process through the launch of each partner’s cloud product offering.