Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI Web Acceleration Suite Surpasses 80,000 Units

Prime Strategy - Kusanagi

Prime Strategy, a Japanese online acceleration company, has reported a notable increase in the adoption of their KUSANAGI web acceleration suite, which now has over 80,000 units in operation globally – a noteworthy milestone for web acceleration technology. This achievement comes as the company aggressively expands its footprint into the North American market, positioning itself as a potential leader in the CMS acceleration arena.

As of October 19, 2023, the cumulative number of operational KUSANAGI units reached 80,179, marking a substantial increase from the 70,000 units recorded in February 2023. According to Prime Strategy, this surge would represent not just a quantitative leap but underscore the escalating demand for web acceleration solutions, particularly in business contexts.

The chart, ‘Changes in the Total Number of KUSANAGI installations,’ detailing the number of units since KUSANAGI’s inception in June 2015, reflects a year-over-year acceleration in growth, with expectations of even higher uptake from 2022 onward.

Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI suite is a “fast and secured” virtual machine designed for VPS hosting and public cloud hosting. It would be able to handle WordPress and other content management systems with ease. It is intended to be a server operating system running on Linux that improves page speeds both upstream and downstream while managing high traffic levels with little performance degradation. According to Prime Strategy, KUSANAGI would p to 2,330 times faster than LAMP environments with page caching, and 20 times faster without it. Its unique ability to accelerate without a cache would reduce the need for scaling, potentially lowering cloud computing costs.

KUSANAGI includes an acceleration engine called WEXAL Page Speed Technology which would significantly raise PageSpeed Insight scores, Core Web Vitals, and overall user experience. It maximizes the use of available resources, reducing data transmission and accelerating display. In addition, ‘David’ is also part of the KUSANAGI stack. It’s a strategic AI for WEXAL Page Speed Technology that creates real-time web acceleration plans. By automating the formerly laborious process of fine-tuning complicated display acceleration, David would significantly reduce the operating expenses related to acceleration.

Expansion and Performance Enhancements

Prime Strategy has recently concentrated its efforts on expanding the KUSANAGI web acceleration suite, collaborating closely with various platform providers. This expansion includes a suite of enhancements to its paid version, focusing on business-oriented functionalities and speed optimizations.

Among the notable enhancements are the introduction of a new risk analysis feature, the ‘KUSANAGI Container,’ which would allow for the secure running of different PHP versions on a single server, and support for HTTP/3 (QUIC). Moreover, its ‘Theme Accelerator’ would promise a 50 percent faster loading time for WordPress, tackling common bottlenecks.

Prime Strategy has also broadened KUSANAGI’s compatibility, making it available for Vagrant and VMware. This includes the release of ‘KUSANAGI 9 for VMware’ and ‘KUSANAGI 9 for Vagrant,’ based on CentOS Stream 9. Additionally, Prime Strategy’s R&D efforts have led to the introduction of ‘Inspector,’ an AI-based web page verification function, marking a significant stride in enhancing AI functionality within their offerings.

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Future Developments and Global Aspirations

Looking ahead, Prime Strategy is working on support for Movable Type 8, slated for release in November 2023. AI enhancements continue to be a central theme in their R&D efforts, signaling a commitment to continuous innovation. The company is also exploring the provision of APIs for developers and platforms, reflecting a keen awareness of evolving technological needs.

The aspirational objective of Prime Strategy is to make KUSANAGI the accepted benchmark for worldwide CMS acceleration solutions. This plan would call for the development of strong relationships with both domestic and international platform operators – to accelerate the licensing and worldwide uptake of KUSANAGI Stack technology and products.

KUSANAGI: Availability

Available in 209 regions across 34 countries and on 31 major domestic and international platforms (as of May 2023), KUSANAGI has demonstrated remarkable performance capabilities. According to Prime Strategy, it can handle over 25,000 concurrent requests per second (HTTP) with page caching, and over 210 concurrent requests per second (HTTP and HTTPS) without page caching. In a standard LAMP environment, these figures would translate to approximately 2,330 times faster with page cache and about 20 times faster without it.

Prime Strategy offers three editions of KUSANAGI: the ‘Free Edition’ for personal use, the ‘Business Edition’ for commercial purposes, and the ‘Premium Edition,’ which includes the WEXAL Page Speed Technology web acceleration engine.

To learn more about the KUSANAGI web acceleration stack, visit Prime Strategy’s website here.