Prince George’s County Selects AiNET for Data Center Colocation

Prince George’s County (Maryland) has completed colocation of their backup servers into a nearby AiNET data center. The colocation facility has nearly 50,000 square feet of dedicated data center floor space and carries the coveted Tier 4 classification – the highest possible rating for design & security according to telecommunications regulations.

Prince George’s County has partnered with AiNET to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure. The benefits would include increased efficiency, vastly reduced downtime for critical services and applications, multiple levels of redundancy in a worst-case disaster recovery scenario, routine testing and validation and “substantial cost-savings” due to consolidation of data centers.

Critical systems will be colocated and backed up in the data center. AiNET will provide monitoring, maintenance, connectivity and managed services to the County.

Prince George's County, Maryland“We know how critical these systems and data are,” said Deepak Jain, founder and CEO of AiNET. “Prince George’s County residents and employees will benefit from increased security of their personal and property data, the resilience of their emergency response, and the uptime of other critical services. As we think about the increasing threats to the security of critical and life-saving services, and threats to the electrical grid that supports them, we see how important it is that these systems are in the most secure, protected and resilient facilities possible.”

AiNET’s Beltsville data center protects Prince George’s County‘s systems with federally approved security protocols to maintain the integrity of their data center services, multiple grid-tied power feeds (2N+1) and multiple on premise diesel generators (2N), infrared night vision cameras, and multi-layer biometric systems for identity verification.

AiNET‘s disaster recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP) services are underpinned by their regional network of four wholly-owned and managed data centers, providing additional layers of spill over and redundancy.

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