Privacera Enhances Data Security Governance with AWS Integrations

Privacera booth

Data security governance platform Privacera has announced the availability of two “groundbreaking” AWS Lake Formation integrations. These additions would bolster the protection of sensitive data while ensuring privacy and accelerating time to insights in AWS data and analytical contexts. Both integrations would provide AWS Cloud customers with the autonomy to establish, administer, and oversee data security and access policies, enabling a simplified and streamlined approach.

Founded in 2016 by the masterminds behind Apache Ranger, Privacera claims to be renowned for its comprehensive unified data security governance solution, compatible with numerous AWS data and analytics services. These services include the likes of Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS), plus third-party services running on AWS, such as Databricks and Snowflake.

With the latest integrations, Privacera has expanded its reach, incorporating AWS Lake Formation into its support spectrum. These new features would enable customers to create and manage data security and access policies centrally in AWS Lake Formation. Alternatively, customers can utilize Privacera as a centralized hub for these policies while leveraging the tight integration of AWS Lake Formation with key AWS services.

The first integration leverages AWS Lake Formation’s ability to allow customers to design and manage data access policies. The introduction of Privacera into an existing AWS Lake Formation setup extends data access policies into Databricks, Trino, Apache Spark, and Apache Hive. This expansion would ensure a more fortified security structure and superior control over data.

Among the myriad benefits are data access policy creators being able to use AWS Lake Formation’s user interface and capabilities. This ensures consistency in policies and facilitates a comprehensive view of an organization’s data access and security policies through Amazon CloudTrail. Notably, Privacera can convert AWS Lake Formation policies into native access controls for Amazon EMR, Databricks, and Trino, offering unified data security governance across several platforms.

Privacera’s second integration allows AWS customers to develop and manage all data access policies. The added benefit of AWS Lake Formation integration with other AWS services would extend Privacera’s capabilities, delivering refined access control to Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

Data Security and Access Policies

Additional enhancements include Privacera’s ability to translate data security and access policies into AWS Lake Formation. This translation facilitates the enforcement of data security and access policies for Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift Spectrum. AWS users can also avail of file, table, column, and row-level access controls, as well as tag-based access control, thereby ensuring optimal data accessibility.

Furthermore, AWS customers can capitalize on Privacera’s attribute-based access control and the automation benefits stemming from Privacera’s stringent IAM-type solutions. Compliance workflows offer additional assistance by simplifying and automating the enforcement of compliance rules.

The enhanced solution would be optimal for customers navigating complex data and analytics ecosystems. Those who wish to achieve unified data security governance on sources like Amazon S3, Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and more, while also leveraging AWS Lake Formation for fine-grained access control on Amazon Redshift Spectrum or Amazon Athena, would stand to gain the most from these advancements.

Privacera CEO Balaji Ganesan commented on the developments, stating, “Organizations operate in diverse data ecosystems, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to protect data while ensuring timely access to necessary data.” He further highlighted Privacera’s mission to meet these needs, adding, “expanding AWS customers’ ability to get purpose-built solutions that leverage the strengths of both Privacera and AWS Lake Formation while simplifying data security governance is key to helping organizations use data to deliver business value.”